How to use Less Data with Chrome Data Saver?

If you don’t have unlimited data on your device, then you will be suffering 100% from counting the data in megabytes and slow browsing, but don’t worry the new Chrome’s Data Saver is recently launched by Google in devices, that offers a great feature (Data Saver) to improve browsing with less data.

How Data Saver works

When you load a web page without Data Saver, the browser connects directly to the websites web server and your mobile data just passing traffic and charging for it. But while using Data Saver, Google servers will compress the web page and reduce the amount of data you’re browsing with faster. I have used it recently and find really effective for saving much data and. Don’t worry it won’t do anything wrong without than saving data, here are some things which Data Saver do:

  • Some websites might not be able to accurately determine your location.
  • Some images might look a little fuzzy.
  • Internal websites, such as your company’s internal sites, might not load.
  • Sites that your mobile carrier uses to authenticate and bill you might not work. For example, you might have trouble logging into your mobile phone provider’s website.
  • Local settings will be ignored if you manually modified your /etc/hosts file.

Turn on Data Saver to use Less Data on Android

When you turn on Data Saver for your phone or tablet, Chrome uses Safe Browsing technology to protect you from malware and phishing attacks and will warn you if you’re about to visit a dangerous site.

Before getting started, download Google Chrome latest version if you don’t have and start the steps below.

1. Open Chrome>Settings>Scroll down and tap on Data Saver.

Chrome Settings
Chrome Settings

2. Now just read the info about it and then turn on Data Saver. When the data saver enabled, go back from the settings and start browsing within less data and safely, after the browsing finished go to Chrome Settings>Data Saver and see how much data you’ve saved.

Notice: The pages secured with HTTP/HTTPS can’t be optimized due to being private and directly connected to the site so it won’t save any data.

Data Saver Dashboard
Data Saver Dashboard

Turn on Data Saver to use Less Data on Computer

If you don’t have the latest version of Google Chrome then download it from here right now and start the steps.

1. Open Chrome>Ctrl+h and click Extensions, scroll down then click Get more extensions.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

2. Now search Data Saver and when the pages load select Data Saver from Extensions, click on Add to Chrome and then click Add Extension.

Data Saver Extension
Data Saver Extension

When the extension installed successfully, start using your data and after you finish browsing click on it and see how much data have saved or click on details to get more info.

Use Less data using Data Saver
Data Saver installed

And it’s finished, to see full details just click on details and see all the details. One thing is a bit confusing is that Data Saver isn’t available for iPhone and iPads so it might come in the updating Google chrome version.

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