How to Use Google Translate Offline on Android

If you’re an active person that needs to translate offline then, of course, Google Translate requires an active internet connection to work in everywhere but don’t worry, there is a way to use Google Translate Offline in Android smartPhones. This is so helpful to me when I don’t have active internet outside the home and suffering in trouble event that there is no network available and again I can translate any languages.

This is too hard and worse that every time you need a connection for translation. So no worries, here’s the solution, now you can download language packages into your Android devices so you can translate languages when you’re offline, you can enjoy this when you don’t have an Internet connection, so to do this you’ll need to download the language packs when having the internet and then start using the Google Translate freely and without any problem.

Now Google has made the easiest way to translate your word offline through Google translation it works only with Android OS without any need of PC or anything else. This time, Google Translation can work offline with a bunch of languages, that is called app revolution in Android.

Use Google Translate Offline

1. Download Google Translate from PlayStore or here and then open it on your smartphone tap on the menu key (3 vertical dots) then tap on Settings.

Google Translate
Google Translate

2. Now to download the packs of languages you want, tap on offline languages (manage downloadable packages for offline translation).

Google Translate Settings
Google Translate Settings

3. When you’ve got there, you’ll see languages then choose your language and tap on the download icon next to language that you want to download.

Offline Languages
Offline Languages

4. Choose the one you want to download. language packages are quite large and can take a significant chunk of your data packages. If you want to save your data package you need to select download using Wi-Fi only.

When the language downloaded, open Google Translate and start using and enjoy it without any data charges, like the shot below.

Google Translate Offline
Google Translate

ok, that’s it. This was all about using Google Translate offline instead of the best dictionary. If you have any question regarding this just share it by a comment.

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