How to Update Samsung ROM/Firmware Via Odin? (Flash Samsung Stock ROM)

The Samsung has developed lots of smartphones and tablets which require a certain system software and that’s called an “Operating System” or OS. Most of the Samsung smartphones and tablets are compatible with Android OS, like Apple devices are running iOS, Nokia is running Windows OS and etc. Now what is a ROM?

It stands for Read-Only Memory, and a ROM is the image of a OS that’s already been installed on your phone or tablet devices that refers to the (Firmware of the device or internal storage of a device which contains the operating system instructions that wouldn’t be needed in a normal operation, as well as it is a read-only memory means you couldn’t make changes to it. A Firmware and ROM are the same, which can be modified but not under normal usage, like to make changes or flash it (install ROM) you need to access it from an advanced device such as PC to install the ROM.

And what do we need to do with ROM? So, here flashing comes, it means to install or modify the firmware of a device and the Stock ROM (Official/Original Firmware) are those which comes by default in devices and they are customized by a specified company, also a ROM is important in a device because without that a device can’t operate. There are two kinds of ROMS:-

           *  Stock ROMS:- This is the operating system in its default mode without any changes required to run in it. It provides the standard, original user experience of the OS without any functional changes made.

           * Custom ROMs:- It is used for custom developers that go beyond the standard and wants to taste their own                fruit they grow. In fact, custom ROMS development for the otherwise proprietary and closed-source Windows Mobile platform lead to the formation of the largest independent mobile development community.

Update Samsung ROM/ Firmware via Odin or Flash Samsung Stock ROM

Now every device needs update for their smartphones OS and you can do it whether from your phone or PC by flashing ROM in it, let’s get started.

Step 1#: Download & Install the Required Files

1. Download and install Samsung USB Driver on your PC. You can download the USB driver from Samsung developer website.

Samsung USB Driver
Download Samsung USB Driver

2. Now Download and extract the Stock ROM(Official/Original firmware) which your phone or tab is compatible with. SamMobile is the best choice to download your device firmware and it has got all kinds of Samsung firmware. To do it goto> SamMobile> Find your phone firmware that matches> Download it.

Sammobile - Download Your Mobile Firmware
Sammobile – Download Your Mobile Firmware

3. Download and extract latest version of Odin from here on your computer. I recommend you to download the latest version.

Download Odin
Download Odin

Step 2#: Boot Your Device & Flash it

4. Boot your device into download mode. To boot into download mode, Power off your device. Press and hold the Power buttonVol down button and Home button simultaneously. When your device vibrate, release the Power button but hold down home and vol down button then Press Vol Up button to continue. It’ll get you to download mode.

Downloading Mode
Downloading Mode

5. Open Odin on your PC then connect your device to your PC. When it’s connected, your device will be automatically recognized by Odin. At the lower interface of Odin, there should be written Added.

Odin - Connect-Your-Device
Odin – Connect-Your-Device

6. Here click on PA or PDA to add the tar.md5 file that you extracted it before. When your file added then click on Start to begin flashing.

Update Samsung ROM/Firmware Via Odin (Flash Samsung Stock ROM)
Odin – Browse the file

7. When the flashing process is done then you’ll see a Pass or Reset box. Now disconnect your device from PC and reboot it then you’ll get your new firmware function successfully.


That’s it. If you got any stuck or problem during process try to tell us we ‘ll be happy to solve that.

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