How to Manage Files with PowerShell Commands?

Do you have problems managing your files? Don’t worry, because there is no better way to manage your files than using Powershell. Actually, we can manage our files within two ways whether “Graphical” or “Powershell”. If you have used the Powershell or Command Prompt then you know how much easy is to manage files with. Again don’t know all the benefits of using Powershell? Click here and read right now, you can start using PowerShell and get the capabilities of having it. So, today in this lesson you will know how to create, move or delete, manage files with Powershell and also know what is Powershell.

Whats Powershell?

Before getting started, let’s know what is Powershell. Windows PowerShell is a tool developed by Microsoft that consists of a command-line shell and associated scripting language. It is more powerful than a command prompt, its also intended to replace command prompt also it provides full access administrators to perform tasks on local and remote windows systems. For more information-> Click here and read the details.

Manage Files with Powershell Commands

As Powershell might be a little complicated because we work with Commands and it may be forgettable but we will get started with the basic commands and get help from a script.

Step 1. To open Powershell, press windows key, type PowerShell then hit Enter.

Start Menu
Start Menu

Step 2. Once opened, read the following commands and do them to complete the task.

At the first, you have to understand or know some commands so to do that type Get-help, after that try the steps below.

  •  Dir =>List files and folders located on computer
  •  D: => (Inside D drive)
  •  E: => (Inside E drive)
  •  cd => (Inside folder)
  •  cd c:\=> Enter in drive
  •  cd.. => (go back one step)
  •  cd\ => (go back at first step)
  •  copy “File Name” D:\ =>(Copy File to D drive)
  •  copy “Folder Name” D:\Document =>1st it create a folder in D drive then it copy the files in the created folder)
  •  md => Create Folder
  • rd =>(It remove Folder)

       1. To create a folder:

Md (location)\foldername

md c:\lesson1

Windows Powershell
Windows Powershell

2. To copy a file or folder:

copy foldername c:\

copy lesson1 c:\


4. To move file/folder:

Move c:\foldername\* newlocation

Move c:\tactig\* lesson1

Delete files by Powershell
Move Folder

3. To delete a file/folder:

rd c:\foldername

rd c:\lesson1

Manage Files by Powershell
Delete Folder

That’s it. This was some basic commands to do easy steps and if you want me to make more complicated and new contents, your likes, comments, and shares will show it. If you faced any problem during this, ask through comment.


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