• This cannot be used to hack games such as ROBLOX and games like it. However, it can be used to hack into IMVU, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  1. I see this works for IMVU, however, it doesn’t work for games such as ROBLOX, Animal Jam, Movie Star Planet, etc. For anyone who still visits this page to check on the comments, this is an answer. Why am I giving the answer? Simply because no one else seems to wish to do so. This way of hacking does not work on ROBLOX, Animal Jam, Movie Star Planet, Wizard101, Pirate101, and/or any other major games as I am writing this comment. It works for Facebook games, IMVU, Instagram profiles, Fake Facebook profiles, and a few more. In order to get the information you desire for ROBLOX or any other game you’re trying to hack into, you may need to get creative with the resources this article has provided to you. I suppose that is all for now,

  2. Can you hake a online game of Clash of clans for me because that person has hacked my account I just want to recover my account back

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