Fix macOS High Sierra Problems on VMware/VirtualBox

The numbers of installation macOS High Sierra on PC are perfectly high. While the installation process doesn’t work for some users is remarkable. Plus, there are various types of problems, which includes installing problem, graphics issues and much more. In our previous articles, we saw the problems of many users in the comment section or in my email even. At the time, I was busy and couldn’t reach to them. Moreover, many comments were amazing. That’s why I couldn’t answer one by one and solve them. But this time I will compensate the problems you got. Personally, I apologize and say sorry to those who commented below and I couldn’t answer. So, don’t be upset and put your comments again because this time we aren’t leaving your comments without response. Therefore, this time we’ve covered your problems and solve them here or if you had any problem not listed here,of course you can comment and we’ll solve it. So let’s move on.

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Fix macOS High Sierra Problem on VMware

In this article, we’ve covered the problems from the comment section and will solve them here so if you had any of these problems, of course, you can find the solution here. At first, we will answer to the VMware Workstation users and fix the problems then we’ll head up to the VirtualBox.

Fix macOS High Sierra Problems on VMware or VirtualBox
Fix macOS High Sierra Problems on VMware or VirtualBox

1# The virtual machine stuck at Apple logo while booting and reboots again & again how to fix?

-> Please check your guest OS you’ve selected the appropriate one & try with step 4 & 5 again carefully.

2# I get an error when I go to play it. Says “Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. To run Mac OS X, you need a host on which VMware Player supports Intel VT-x or AMD-V.

-> Please enable Intel VT-x in BIOS, here’s how to do it.

3# FaceTime has not received any video from the connected camera. Restarting your computer may fix this issue.

-> To fix this, open VMware and change USB Port to 2.0. Try!

4# The USB devices doesn’t work, as I already changed the compatibility from 3.0 to 2.0 do you have a fix for this?

-> Please check if you have enabled VMware USB Service, click Start button and search Services.

5# Hi, thank you for this article. Everything works except I don’t have the internet and I don’t know how to configure it, I have already installed VMware tools have you any idea?

-> Try reinstalling VMware Tools and it will work.

6# Is there any way to activate video acceleration? Or change the amount of video memory?
In the settings, it says the guest OS doesn’t support it.

 -> You can install VM Tool. And the Virtual machine is working with 128 MB of VRAM.

7# Hi, VMWare tools isn’t supporting. It means after restart VMWare tool on the right hand of the desktop. Its pointer isn’t smooth and also can’t use full screen.

-> Hi. Because this is a new version. Open System Preferences – Security & Privacy then enable VM Tool to fix this problem.

8# Can I use the hardware for the VM like this:
RAM: 2602.6 MB
CPU: 4 Cores
And my real hardware is :
RAM: 4004 MB
CPU: Intel Core i5
is it ok?

-> OK, Set up 50-60% of your Ram and CPU.

9# I have an issue where it will only give me 1024×768 RES after VMware tools are installed.

-> You should open “System Preferences” then “Security & Privacy” then click “Allow VMware Tool.” Restart!

10# I have the same error with displaying as follows. Please help me to solve this immediately…..
VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)
vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/physMem_monitor.c:1178
A log file is available in “C:\Users\User\Documents\Virtual Machines\OS X 10.11\vmware.log”.
You can request support.
To collect data to submit to VMware support, choose “Collect Support Data” from the Help menu. You can also run the “VM-support” script in the Workstation folder directly.
We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement.

-> Just add smc.version = “0” on your Notepad.

11# Can I run macOS High Sierra on AMD PC?

-> No, hope you wait for the next.

12# attempted to startup from:
->EFI VMware Virtual SCSI Hard Drive (0.0) unsuccessful
->EFI VMware Virtual IDE CDROM DRive (IDE1:0) unsuccessful
->EFI Network…..

-> Please add smc.version = 0 without quotation marks and it will work.

Fix macOS High Sierra Problem on VirtualBox

1# Hello! I already run my macOS High Sierra, but I can’t control my mouse integration. How can I turn it on?

-> Install the VirtualBox Expansion pack first. Then I switched the USB setting to USB2. Make sure your pointing device is set to USB Tablet.

2# I have a problem installing on the virtual machine it is showing a blank screen I ran all the commands as there any way to fix it?

-> Hi. Close your VirtualBox and try step 5 again.

3# VBoxManage.exe: error: Failed to create the VirtualBox object!
VBoxManage.exe: error: Code CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE (0x80080005) – Server execution failed (extended info not available)
VBoxManage.exe: error: Most likely, the VirtualBox COM server is not running or failed to start.

-> Hi. Check your VirtualBox version and try step 5 again!

4# When I turn on the machine I just get a black screen and nothing else

-> Please enable Intel VT-x in BIOS!

5# VBoxManage setextradata “MacOS” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct” “iMac11,3” when I entered this command it shows me an error too many parameters.

->  Yes, my friend! Enable Intel VT-x in BIOS.

6# Still cannot get it to work, getting the black screen on boot. I know that the settings have been applied correctly, as this is what I see in my macos_dev.vbox: And yet, nothing. VT-x is enabled. The CPU is the latest i7-7500U KobyLake. 16gb of RAM, NVidia GTX 970 4G video card, just black screen, nothing else.

-> Hi. Change your Chipset to PPIX3 or IHC9 and try again.

7# I got something further, like “Error allocating 0x17e7 pages at 0x00000000000108b000 alloc type 2; Error loading kernel cache (0x9); Boot Failed. Mac Boot; Book Failed. EFI DVD/CDROM”.

-> Yes, the solution is easy: instead of setting the “Version” to “El Capitan,” set it to MacOS 64-bit. Everything then works.

8# i5 6500
16 GB of ddr4
xfx rx 480 8gb
windows 10 pro 64 bit

-> Thanks. Install “VirtualBox Extension Pack” then open VirtualBox. Select your virtual machine and click “Setting then change USB to 2.0.

9# Hi there! I seem to be dealing with the same problems others are. I’m experiencing a continual boot screen, but nothing else. What should I do? I followed your instructions to the letter.

-> Hi. Check your Guest OS and Intel VT-x. Change your VRAM to 128 MB and try again!

See this if you have this problem:-

Ok, fine, hope it would solve your problem. If you have any further problem, just comment below, and we will solve it within here. If you have any ideas suggestions for improvement, feel free to share it with us.


  1. I get

    Error allocating 0x17e7 pages at 0x0000000001e8b000 alloc type 2
    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)
    oot Failed. Mac Boot
    Boot Failed. EFI DVD/CDROM

    • Hi I install Vmware on my osx high sierra to run ubuntu 1604
      It works well in the beginning , and Now I observe a weird bug , my VmWare sometimes don’t respond at all .

  2. I have been having problem #12, the reason is because I did an upgrade, and in the second part of the High Sierra installation, the installer converts the virtual disk in APFS which VMware can not read.

  3. What I did to fix Problem #12 was to use the High Sierra file from this page. During setup I selected transfer from other mac. My original VMware hard disk file that was not booting was still connect, and I transferred all my settings to the new Mac OS High Sierra file that is on the page here. That file is formatted as Mac Os Journal Extended. Added sata0:0.virtualSSD = “1” to the VMX file to prevent High Sierra Setup installation from converting the Mac Os Journal to APFS.

    You can also get a different way of doing this from

    • I download the High sierra from the apple store and press restart… The message: “Attempting to start up from: Mac OS X …” appears. And, if I understand your solution, I need to create a new VM and select the option “Transfer from other Mac” choosing the VMDK file of my actual installation?

  4. I really like your site! You have some great material on here.

    I am having the same problem at Rik is having with #12. Any suggestions?

  5. i have problem 12 but if i remove the question marks i still have the same problem i keep gettin into boot loader and if i press enter it still doenst want to work

  6. Problem #1, looping at the apple logo. Tried several attempts with different settings, tinkered around but no luck.
    Works fine on VirtualBox. Any suggestions?

  7. after installing mac osx sierra 10.13 on vmware on windows everything was fine. when i downloaded sierra 10.13.1 update and installed the dmg file inside vmware virtualmachine. vmware logo is seen nothing progressing after that.

    is update to 10.13.1 is wrong step or is there any fix… please help

  8. I downloaded the 1 complete file from google drive instead of 5 out of 5 and the notepad documents aren’t there, do I have to download both 5/5 along with the 1 complete file?

  9. My high sierra is running on my i7 with 32G RAM. the main issue for me is that Messages and Facetime won’t let me log in with my Apple ID account, although iTunes and iCloud will. How could I fix this? Haven’t been running long so maybe there are other issues but this is all right now. Thanks!

  10. Can I apply updates to High Sierra directly in the vm running on Windows 10 or do I have to keep the working version as is and never update?

  11. I am running high sierra in VMware buy Me and Facetime are not working. The is a message in my Apple id settings of my iPhone that says that my mac vm”cannot be used to receive Apple ID verification codes”. What does that mean? Is that why Messages and Facetime don’t work, because they are ID related? Could that be a serial number issue?

    Also, there is no option in my privacy preferences to turn on VMtools. Does that mean it failed to install? How can I fix that?

  12. I just noticed that Maps doesn’t display the map info, although it seems to locate a place you search for and displays a pin for it. Is the a fix for that?

    • I have the same, not only within Maps, but also within Mail (e.a. e-mail with lot of graphics) and MacFamilyTree software (trial version, I can only not save data). Do you already received a solution for this?

    • Hi, I have High Sierra 10.13.6 installed on vmWare everything works fine except the Maps, I get a black screen even if I see the pin , how to fix this please ?

  13. Every time I boot into high sierra I get an error that “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” I don’t know what disk it means. I have the Vmtools.iso file mounted and that is on the desktop and functional. What is that and how can I fix it?

  14. I’m attempting this on a refurbed Dell Latitude 6510 i7 with 4 virtual cores but only 2 physical cores, for a little midi music production use, (no sample libraries! ), so please wish me luck. FYI, The huge converted vdmk to vmx
    High Sierra file is way too large to open in Windows 7 64 notepad to do the suggested “smc…” line addition at the bottom of the file (unaware if this limitation has changed with Win.8 or Win. 10); one would have to find a 3rd party text editor to overcome this for the fix.

  15. Hi there, I followed your guide, but even with your suggests in this page, I’m not able to start my Mac High Sierra VM in my Win 10 computer with i7 processor.
    The VM starts but remains in a black screen without any way to access to the machine itself.
    I don’t know what to do.
    Obviously Intel Hyper-V is enabled.
    Thanks in advance for your support

  16. Hi, I have mac OS high sierra installed and perfectly working using vmware player 12.

    However, when i try to connect my iphone 5s to the virtual high sierra it loops between connecting and disconnecting between the host windows 10 and the virtual high sierra os.

    I have tried lowering the usb compatibilty from 3.0 to 2.0 in the virtual machine settings but still no success.

    I want my iphone to be able to connect to the virtual machine high sierra os and stay connected until i manually disconnect it.

    can someone please help me. Thanks.

  17. Heya, so I followed all of the steps apart from the one about setting the Operating System to Mac OSX as it wasnt on the list so I selected Other instead. Whenever i boot it tells me no Operating System was found.I am using VMWare Workstation Player 14.

    thank you

  18. Hi,
    I’m using virtual box, but it (installation) don’t run. It looks like it boot automatic twice. On the second boot it stops with line “Darwin Bootstrapper….”.

    Any idea?

    PS: I had execute the cmd-commands twice.

  19. Hi, i just have this errore when i run “macOS 10.12 Sierra”
    Error allocating 0x800 pages at 0x0000000001c00000 alloc type 2
    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)
    Boot Failed. Mac Boot
    Boot Failed. EFI DVD/CDROM

  20. Hallo, I got a problem. Every time I try to do somthing, It freezes and it does’nt do anything. I only can then exit virtualbox and start over. Can sombody please help.

  21. Hopefully this will help somebody. I am running VMware Workstation 14. I ran into an issue where the display would always go to a low resolution and I could not change it. What resolved this issue for me was to disable “Automatically adjust user interface size in the virtual machine.” Once I did that, the screen resolution automatically scaled based on the size of the window. If I have it full screen, I do get a low resolution option based on the display size if I choose Scaled Resolution.

  22. My problem is regarding installation.. During mac os installation by using vmware 14.,installation is not moving forward after a point of time.. How to overcome this.. Please help me..

  23. UPDATE: I was last posted trying to install MacOS High Sierra 10.13 on a refurbed Dell Latitude 6510 i7 with 8GB of ram, 4 virtual cores but only 2 physical cores. After months of tearing whatever hair I had left out, I finally narrowed my issue down to something completely unrelated to the VDMK/SMC; it actually turned out to be a required install called “HAXM” for Intel that prevented the Virtualbox VM from booting up, once I installed HAXM, it finally worked!! I should add I have very minimal overall installs & security updates on my windows toward running the VM & creating music via Logic, & I definitely must stay offline on Windows to make it work at a fairly decent pace ( I CAN use the VM’s internet for needed Mac installs/updates). But I can confirm that one CAN install MacOS High Sierra 10.13 DIRECTLY on a bare, refurbed Dell Latitude 6510 i7 laptop running Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.

  24. My High Sierra 10.13 is working perfectly via VMWare, no errors during installation or start-up, but in Maps (and sometimes Mail), a black screen (or partially black screen / blocks) are showing. It seems not able to show graphics like that.
    This is also happening in MacFamilyTree software. I downloaded the full trial version to test as I really want to buy this, but if the graphics are not working / staying black, it is to no use for me.
    Thnx for a solution!

  25. I got error #12 when I tried to update High Sierra to Mojave.
    smc.version = 0 was already added before the update.

    I fixed the problem by upgrading my VMWare Player 12 to VMWare Player 15, and reapply Unlocker for OSX 10.14.

    I hope this info will help others.

  26. hi , I install high sierra, sierra on vmware and virtualbox , but some app have flicker problems like this
    other apps might have slightly flicker , but aren’t as severe as this app.
    Both vmware and virtualbox with 10.12,10.13 face this problem.
    I use surface pro with i7-8550u , intel UHD 620 , and other computer with standalone graphics card to test this app , all end up with flicker problems.
    Thanks for any help

  27. I finally got this to work for me!
    I’ve been stuck trying to get this to work for for days, but I finally got it working today in vmware 6.

    I was stuck on a blank grey/greyish-beige screen after the loading screen with the apple logo. I followed all the installation instructions to a T and tried several suggestions. I finally came across the answer on a mac, not a vmware site. Here’s what I did:

    After getting everything setup I made a few adjustments to the settings before running my final “1st” time startup. I removed the cdrom. My laptop doesn’t have one so I won’t be using that anyway. Then I went to sound, network adapter, and usb and unchecked Connect At Startup on all of them.

    I started up the vm and waited for it to get past the apple logo loading screen. Then it went to the blank screen again, but this time after a minute or two (probably not that long) it loaded the welcome screen, where you select your location, like it’s supposed to and I was able to complete the setup without further issue.

    Once the setup was complete I turned the network adapter and the sound back on from the vm menu in vmware, while the session was still running, and both are working fine. I’ve shutdown and restarted a few times since without any further trouble. I haven’t turned the usb back on yet because I have no reason to.

    I wanted to share this because I’m hoping someone will see it and it will keep them from pulling their hair out like I was ready to.

    For reference, here’s what I’m running:
    Device Specification:
    Processor Intel core i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 GHZ 2.90GHZ
    Installed RAM 12.0GB
    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
    Windows 10 Pro v.1809

  28. Similar to #12
    UEFI Interactiue Shell u2.1 EDK II
    UEFI u2.40 (EDK II, 0x00010000)
    Napping table
    FSO: Alias(s):CD7b0a0:;BLK6:
    Pc iRoot (0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDROM(0x0)
    BLKO: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot(0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x0,0x0,0x0)
    BLK1: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot(0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)
    BLK2: Alias(s):
    PciRoot (0x0)/Pci (OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDROM(0x0)
    BLK7: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot (0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDROM(0x0)
    BUG: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot(0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDR0H(0x0)/CDR0H(0x0) BLK4: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot(0x0) /Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDROM(0x0)/CDROM (0x0) BLK5: Alias(s):
    Pc iRoot (0x0)/Pc i(OxlF,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0,0x0)/CDROM(0x0)/CDROM(0x0) Press ESC in 1 seconds to skip startup.nsh or any other key to continue. Shell〉

  29. Even though I created the virtual disk in virtual box, when I get to disk utility in Mac High Sierra, the virtual disk does not show up.

  30. hey i am using virtual box and facing issue at the initial time of the boot where codes get run and it usually getting stuck on the “End RandomSeed” . nothing is coming up after this only stuck to this.

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