Download Now macOS High Sierra VMware Image Latest Preview

Apple releases a new OS every year and this year the latest and the most updated macOS High Sierra is going to be released. Before the full release, we can use the preview image to install and test it out. Thus, we are ready to introduce and guide our users to download and install macOS High Sierra on VMware & VirtualBox. Therefore, in my opinion, this time we are bringing changes and try to cover as possible, before installing it, let’s download it properly because it takes time and effort.

Actually, I didn’t want to create this article, but I noticed users couldn’t find it, if found they can’t download or if downloaded, it doesn’t work. Like I Googled myself “Download Mac OS High Sierra or El Capitan” but couldn’t find a proper and accurate download link to download the file. So I decided to help interested users providing them appropriate correct and proper download link to download the Mac OS High Sierra download before installation. However, in our previous article, we learned how to install macOS Sierra 10.12 and also I had inserted the download link that worked for everyone and could download successfully. In this article, I will provide the download link and file for macOS High Sierra 10.13 because most users search for the VMware image so they could get it instantly. So, let’s get started.

Download Now Mac OS High Sierra VMware Image

The macOS Sierra upgraded from macOS El Capitan. Later on, in 2017, Apple announced significant changes to macOS Sierra and launched 10.13 version with more flexibility and reliable features. This update included improvements to Apple file system, HEVC for video, speed and some more. However, the PC users are also the part of using it by virtualizing on different platforms. In order to install it, they need some files which include the macOS High Sierra VMDK. Ok, it is not difficult to download, but of course, it is hard to find. Like there are many blogs providing it but when we try to download, it may ask to complete an offer or might not download, if downloaded it won’t work or may be outdated. These issues are harassing users and may stop users from installing it. Therefore, I have provided the macOS Sierra 10.13 (latest version) VMware image file and also the unlocker 208 which is needed for installing. Also, we will provide the installing guide which will be our next article.

Important: Hey Folks, the new version of macOS has released, here’s to download:

When you’ve downloaded, you may install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox.

macOS High Sierra
macOS High Sierra

When you’ve installed macOS High Sierra, I recommend you to install VMware Tools. Here’s how to do it.

Ok, that’s all. Hope you would not face any problem and comment below if you had any problem. Also, if you have any suggestions, ideas for improvement, feel free to share it with us.


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