How to Convert Video(MP4) to Audio(MP3) on Android?

There is an app running on your phone and it’s called YouTube but still you don’t know how to download video from there but if you want to know how to download unlimited videos on Android devices see this guide. People are getting their video from YouTube on their computer first then sending it to phone or tablet and it’s just waste of time, downloading and converting videos in our own device making the way easy and sharp and getting us away from PC.  Although there are no default settings for downloading and converting videos or audios on Android devices you can make your own settings for your device. So here in this guide, I will show you how you can convert and listen to your own downloaded videos with just easy steps.
You can convert your videos on your Android devices with Andriod converter tools and if you search in PlayStore you’ll see a lot of tools but I have chosen MP3 Video Converter tool for my device and it works perfectly.

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MP3 Video Converter

MP3 Video Converter is a tool that allows users to convert any video file into an audio. It works perfectly on Android devices without any charges, means you can get it totally free from PlayStore. There are lots of tools that offers converting video to audio but this tool that I have selected is an extraordinary tool that gives us a high-quality audio. I recommend you to download this tool in order to listen to a high-quality song.

It supports:

1. Various types of videos(3GP, FLV, MP4 and…)
2. Various types of audios(MP3, AAC)
3. Editing meta information(title, album, artist)
4. ARMv7 and higher

MP3 Video Converter
MP3 Video Converter

Convert Video to Audio on Android Devices

  • To download MP3 Video Converter tool on your Android device get to the PlayStore then search MP3 Vidoe Converter. Once you did that, launch the app. Tap on Select. Choose your video that you want to convert.
Select Your Video
Select Your Video
  • When you selected video, you can determine a folder for it just by tapping on Change.
Determine Place for Audio
Determine Place for Audio
  • And now you can select the type of audio, which one you want to convert to it(MP3 or AAC) then tap on Convert to finish the process.
Choose type of Audio
Choose type of Audio

And that’s it, then you’ll find it MP3 and can play it, get two birds with one stone.

Hope it would be informative and helpful, got a question? ask right now.

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Thanks for the informative guide. You can also try wonderfox hd video converter factory. The video converter can fast convert any video to audio in easy way.

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