The Complete List of Windows 10 Run Commands

Windows 10 hosts a large amount of variety tools that are difficult to remember the Windows 10 run commands. The Windows 10 includes “Run” which is a built-in app that can open any built-in app in windows and these commands are assisting the maximum to users without finding it on every edge of windows. Windows “Run” had been from previous versions of Windows and until now it has been an outstanding built-in app that supports users the most. This time, I’ll cover on the complete list of Windows 10 Run commands, that also works on Windows 8, 7, XP ….

Complete List of Windows 10 Run Commands

Note: Most of the commands, listed below, will work; however, some commands such as QuickTime.cpl (requires Quick Time) or gpedit.msc (requires Business, Professional, or Ultimate Windows versions) may not run depending on installed components, Windows versions, Windows editions etc.

 Accessibility Controls access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard  hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control admintools
Automatic Updates wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer wizard  fsquirt
Calculator calc
Certificate Managercertmgr.msc
Character Mapcharmap
Check Disk Utilitychkdsk
Clipboard Viewerclipbrd
Command Promptcmd
Component Servicesdcomcnfg
Computer Managementcompmgmt.msc
Control Panelcontrol panel
Date and Time Propertiestimedate.cpl
DDE Shareddeshare
Device Managerdevmgmt.msc
Direct X Control Paneldirectx.cpl
Direct X Troubleshooterdxdiag
Disk Cleanup Utilitycleanmgr
Disk Defragmentdfrg.msc
Disk Managementdiskmgmt.msc
Disk Partition Managerdiskpart
Display Propertiescontrol Desktop
Display Propertiesdesk.cpl
Display Propertiescontrol Color
Display Propertiesdesk.cpl
Display Propertiescontrol Color
Driver Verifier Utilityverifier
Event Viewereventvwr.msc
File Signature Verification Toolsigverif
Folders Propertiescontrol Folders
Fontscontrol Fonts
Free Cell Card Gamefreecell
Game Controllersjoy.cpl
Group Policy Editorgpedit.msc
iexpress wizard iexpress
Indexing Service ciadv.msc
Internet Properties Inetcpl.cpl
Internet Exploreriexplore
 IP Configuration(Connection Configurationipconfig /all
IP Config (DNS Cache Contents)ipconfig /displaydns
IP Config (Delete DNS Cache Contents) ipconfig/flushdns
IP Config (Release All Connections) ipconfig / release
IP Config(Renew All Connections)ipconfig / renew
IP Config (Refresh DHCP & Re Registers DNS)ipconfig/registerdns
IP Config (Display DHCP Class ID)ipconfig/showclassid
IP Config(Modifies DHCP Class ID)ipconfig/setclassid
Java Control Panel (lflnstalled)jpicpl32.cpl
Java Control Panel (lflnstalled)javaws
Keyboard Propertiescontrol keyboard
Keyboard Propertiesmain.cpl keyboard
Local Security Settingssecpol.msc
Local Users and Groupslusrmgr.msc
Logs out of windowslogoff
Microsoft Chatwinchat
Minesweeper Gamewinmine
Mouse Propertiescontrol mouse
Mouse Propertiesmain.cpl
Network Connectionscontrol netconnections
Network Connectionsncpa.cpl
Network Setup Wizardnetsetup.cpl
ODBC Data Source Administratorodbccp32.cpl
On Screen Keyboardosk
Password Propertiespassword.cpl
Performance Monitorperfmon.msc
Performance Monitorperfmon
Phone and Modem Optionstelephon.cpl
Power Managementpowercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxescontrol printers
Printers Folderprinters
Private Character Editoreudcedit
Quicktime (lf lnstalled)QuickTime.cpl
Regional Settingsintl.cpl
Registry Editorregedit
Registry Editor 32regedit32
Remote Desktopmstsc
Removable Storagentmsmgr.msc
Removable Storage Operator Requestsntmsoprq.msc
Resultant Set of Policyrsop.msc
Scanners and Camerassticpl.cpl
Scheduled Taskscontrol schedtasks
Security Centerwscui.cpl
Shared Foldersfsmgmt.msc
Shuts Down Windowsshutdown
Sounds and Audiommsys.cpl
SQL Client Configurationcliconfg
 System Configuration Editor sysedit
  System Configuration Utilitymsconfig
 System File Checker(Scan Immediately) sfc/scannow
 System FC (Scan Once At Next Boot) sfc/scanonce
 System FC (Scan On Every Boot) sfc/scanboot
 System FC (Return to Default Setting) sfc / revert
 System FC (Purge File Cache) sfc/purgecache
System FC (Set Cache Size to size x)  sfc/cachesize=x
 System Properties sysdm.cpl
 Task Manager Taskmgr
 User Account Management nusrmgr.cpl
Utility Managerutilman
Windows Explorerexplorer
Windows Firewallfirewall.cpl
Windows Magnifiermagnify
Windows Management lnfrastructurewmimgmt.msc
Windows System Security Toolsyskey
Windows Update Launcheswupdmgr
Windows Versionwinver
Power Options  powercfg.cpl
Screen Resolution  desk.cpl
 Share Creation Wizard shrpubw
 Sound mmsys.cpl
 Sound recorder soundrecorder
 Sync Center mobsync
 System Restorerstrui
 Task Scheduler taskschd.msc
 Utility Manager utilman
 Volume Mixer sndvol
 Windows Action Center wscui.cpl
Windows DVD Maker dvdmaker
 Windows Disc Image Burning Tool isoburn
 Windows Easy Transfer migwiz
Windows Firewallfirewall.cpl
Windows Featuresoptionalfeatures
Windows Media Playerwmplayer
Windows Mobility Centermblctr
Windows Remote Assistancemsra
Windows Repair Discrecdisc
Windows Updatewuapp
XPS Viewerxpsrchvw
Windows Action Centerwscui.cpl
User Account Control Settingsuseraccountcontrolsettings
System Informationmsinfo32
System Properties (Advanced Tab)systempropertiesadvanced
System Properties (Computer Name Tab)systempropertiescomputername
System Properties (Hardware Tab)systempropertieshardware
System Properties (Remote Tab)systempropertiesremote
System Properties (System Protection Tab)systempropertiesprotection
Snipping Toolsnippingtool
Set Program Access and Computer Defaultscomputerdefaults
Malicious Software Removal Toolmrt
Manage Your File Encryption Certificatesrekeywiz
Microsoft Management Consolemmc
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Toolmsdt
Device Pairing Wizarddevicepairingwizard
Device Managerdevmgmt.msc
Default Locationlocationnotifications
Date and Timetimedate.cpl
Credential Backup and Restore Wizardcredwiz
Create A Shared Folder Wizardshrpubw
ClearType Tunercttune
Color Managementcolorcpl
Component Servicescomexp.msc
Connect to a Projectordisplayswitch
Troubleshootingcontrol.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz
Advanced User Accountsnetplwiz
Authorization Managerazman
Backup and Restoresdclt
Event Viewereventvwr
Getting Startedgettingstarted
Performance Monitorperfmon
Performance Optionssystempropertiesperformance
Security Centerwscui.cpl
Microsoft Chatwinchat
Windows Root Drive%systemdrive%

Ok thats all about Windows 10 Run commands. If you’ve any question, suggestion, idea we will be thankful to you.

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