How to Clear Default App Settings on Android?

Nothing goes up without mistake whether it’s a smartphone, computers, email or anything else, as now we are doing but we should be much thankful of a mistake that happens because it leads us to know about it or to solve it. If there should not be any mistake or any question so how we can improve or be expert, how we can do or how we can invent something? All experiments, all invention begins with a mistake like the default app settings.

It’s natural that you are using your smartphone but I know when you want to open any link, book, video, music or what so ever and, fortunately, you have kinds of browser or kinds music player or video player or any reader that you are mistakenly when the pops coming up your tapping on always. Because of this, the app will be the default app for that, you might don’t know how to clear app default settings. So in this article, we will take a look at clear app default settings on Android so let’s get started.

Clear Default App Settings on Android

Android has lots of features and functionalities that deposal them for their users. Some of you guys like to have a default app for your smartphone but some of you don’t, I know exactly what the most bother you in here is the pops up. For this, you should finish this pops up in your smartphone is to set a default app but sometimes in any situation perhaps your default app is Google Chrome and, unfortunately, it doesn’t access to a link and you will be confused now what? In this kind of situation, you need to clear the default app in order to access to it.

1. Head up to the Settings on your smartphone and scroll down and search the Default applications, tap on it.


2. Now you’ll see all the default apps which have been select, to clear them tap on the clear.

Clear Default App Settngs
Clear Default App Settings

When you’ve cleared the default settings now its time to pick up an app for your file, of course, the pop will appear.

Open With
Open With

Ok, that’s all. If it was helpful, don’t celebrate alone put a comment below and tell us how was it.


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