When Using a Mobile-Friendly Website is Better Solution?

Do you know about the mobile-friendly website? The impact of the iPhone on the world we live in was more significant than anyone would have expected. What seemed like an unpractical, novel device with a huge screen and no physical buttons has become a new standard for mobile telephony, influencing everything from the way we play to the way we navigate online. Few people know that it’s the iPhone’s “fault” that mobile broadband has evolved faster than expected, and that free WiFi is available in so many locations thanks to it. At the same time, smartphones have opened up a new frontier for businesses to expand to, leading to the creation of a series of mobile-only products and services over time.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Over the years, the “app” has become a kind of a buzz word. A lot like during the “dot-com” bubble in the 1990s, now an incredible number of startups try to build their services around smartphone apps. Which is not a surprise, considering that there are around 3 billion active smartphones in the world, and their numbers will most likely continue to grow in the coming years. There’s an ongoing debate about how appropriate it is to deploy a service in the form of an app. Many consider that, depending on the situation, a different solution might be desirable: the use of a web app.

Mobile-friendly Website - Tactig
Mobile-friendly Website – Tactig

When Cross-Platform is the Goal

Developers usually prefer apps to web apps because they are easier to monetize. When it comes to services that are not ad-supported, and they don’t rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue, the creation of a native app is not justified. One of these cases is real money gaming, an industry that has been offering its customers a cross-platform web app since 2012.

A Euro Palace mobile casino app¬†user will be able to load the gaming platform without any issues on any smartphone, no matter what operating system it is running. The games at the Euro Palace Mobile are optimized to run on a great variety of devices, so playing them on an older handset with limited capabilities is not an issue either. To make things even better, the Euro Palace Mobile can be accessed from basically any web browser capable of running HTML5 content – this makes it accessible to users of the desktop PCs, the smart TVs, and the gaming consoles, too. They don’t need to download and install anything since all the action happens inside the web browser window. Of course, the Euro Palace is not relying on ads or in-app purchases for revenues.

When an app is simply too much

Smartphone apps are justified in many situations but not all of them. In the case of a blog or an online newspaper, for example, an app can even be too much. Unless the app offers some extra functionality to its users, simply visiting the publication’s website will do the trick for the majority of visitors. Considering how expensive the creation of a smartphone app can be – a simple app that does nothing but reads the publication’s RSS feed can cost hundreds of dollars – deploying an app for an online publication is, simply put, overkill.

The same money spent on improving the publication’s mobile browser version can ensure a much better experience for smartphone users, keeping them returning for more.

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