How to Use Private Mode on Samsung Devices?

Have you seen an icon on the notification area named “Private Mode“? Do you know what is it or do you want a feature to secure files from seeing others? If you’ve installed or got any app then You might trash it yourself because you don’t need it, incase, you got Private Mode on your device, but still you don’t get that. As its name describes the meaning (private to hide your important and necessary content on your device.

It’s the most convenient and easy way on your Samsung devices to make sure that your content like galleries, videos, music, voice recorder, your files are safe and out of reach or view of others, as many of the users are using the third-party apps on their device to hide their content but after this, they’ll not need any of them because the Private Mode will ensure everything on their phone or tablet. When you’re in Private Mode not only all your hidden files will be viewable but also at this time you can hide your content and when you exit they are no longer seen by you and others.

Enable Private Mode on Samsung Devices

There are two ways to enable private mode on Samsung devices that are mentioned below.

1. The first one is, go to > Settings > Privacy & Safety > Turn on Private Mode, when you’ve enabled you’ll be asked to enter a pattern or whatever the access type was for it then you could customize or manage private mode access type, auto-disabling.

Settings - Turn on Private Mode
Settings – Turn on Private Mode

2. The second way and it’s really easy, Swipe down the notification bar from the top of your Samsung smartphone by Two Finger (swipe down using two fingers simultaneously). Watch out for the Private Mode icon, then tap on it to turn on or to go to relevant settings that refer into settings tap, hold a while.

Turn-on-Private Mode
Turn-on-Private Mode

Note: If you begin for the first time, you’ll be given a short disclaimer then ask you to enter a password. Don’t forget your password you entered because each time when you turn it on, it’ll be asked. If you forget your private mode password, you won’t be able to recover it and you will not be able to use private mode unless you reset your device.

How to Secure Files with Private Mode

This is about adding and removing files from the private mode. It is for hidding secret content like your Gallary, Video, Music including Voice recorder and Files.

1. Navigate to your files(photo, video, music, voice memos, my files, browser) you want to hide, select your photos or files and tap on More (three vertical dots) and tap on Move to Private.

Gallery - Move to Private
Gallery – Move to Private

2. To remove your file from private mode and get it back to normal mode, you need to navigate to your files and select them then tap on Menu and tap on Remove from Private.

Remove From Private

Remove From Private

Ok now that you’ve activated private mode on your device, you’re ready to use means you can turn on private mode enter your password and access to all of them.

Disable Private Mode on Samsung

There is no special thing about disabling private mode just when you disable it, no one can access your files except you.

1. To disable private mode Go to > Settings > Privacy & Safety > Turn off Private Mode or Swipe down the notification bar with two fingers then Tap on Private Icon to off it.




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