How to Turn off Mac by Putting Into Sleep Mode?

The Mac startup guide would be an amazing task you’ve ever done. As when I was  new to mac and even turning off(shutdown) or restarting was a tough challenge to do. That’s why I perfectly know how do you feel. This time, I’ve covered you of getting started using Mac and you’ll learn how to turn off mac by putting into sleep mode.

Turn off Mac by Putting Into Sleep Mode Automatically

The sleep mode in Mac is much beneficial like doing it in the Windows. Now you can put your mac in Sleep Mode automatically after a fixed period of time means if your Mac doesn’t detect any mouse or keyboard activity on screen then your Mac will get automatically into sleep mode.

1. Click on the Apple key>Select Preferences and click on Energy Saver (bulb icon).

System Prefrences
System Preferences

2. Ok, now here you can do the followings to save more power by turning into sleep more.

  • The inactivity time: The inactivity time defines how long your computer waits before putting itself into Sleep mode. This time, can be as short as one minute or as long as three hours.

  • The parts of your computer to put into Sleep mode: The two main parts of your computer that you can put into Sleep mode are the hard drive and the display (your computer screen). Because the hard drive and the display consume the most power, putting, at least, one or both of these parts into Sleep mode can dramatically reduce the amount of power your Mac consumers while it’s asleep.

Here you’ve to select Power Adapter or Battery then determine the timing and mark the two options on the shot.

Sleep Mode
Energy Saver Options

Also you can select or deselect one of the following options:

  • Prevent Computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off: It disallows computer from sleeping whenever the display is off and isn’t working.
  • Wake for Network Access: It is useful for network administrator users when the network is turned on and working, then the computer won’t get into sleeping mode even after the fixed period of time.
  • Enable Power Nap while plugged into a power adapter: While sleeping, your Mac can backup using Time Machine and periodically for new email, calendar and other iCloud updates.

3. When the settings finished, click the close button and your sleep mode has been enabled and setup.

Energy Saver
Energy Saver

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