How to Transfer Charge From Android to Android Device

We always look toward needs of society trying to represent them the coolest tips and tricks of Android. Have you ever heard of transferring charge? You think it’s possible? Of course yes, transferring charges is as easy as drinking water because we don’t need any root access, PC or any settings that you should do, it just require two Android smartphones and two cables(OTG & USB) to transfer charge.

Transferring charges might be new methods of charging your Android smartphones that occasionally happen between two Android smartphones, we are doing it via two important cables: OTG and USB cables. OTG is a cable that can connect such as USB Flash, Mouse, Keyboard and your own USB cable to your Android Smartphone, it’s pretty wonderful. You can do it when one of the Android phones must have high battery life (mAh), this trick will not harm your phone battery and it’s the coolest tricks of Android that I experienced. With this trick, you can impress your friends or any family member. So let’s do it.

Charging Transmission Android to Android

You have shared many photos and videos Android to Android but you have not shared any charges yet, some of you might heard of it but still don’t know how to do.

  • At the first you need an OTG cable(USB connector).
OTG Cable
OTG Cable


  • And your own USB cable.
USB Cable
USB Cable

Now plug your USB to OTG cable and connect the both devices you want to transfer charge.

Notice: The OTG cable must be plugged into the high battery life and the USB cable should be plugged into other phone that you want to charge it due to only the high mAh can transfer charge to another,.

This is the transmission of charging, we are transferring charges from Samsung Galaxy S5 (2800 mAh) to Samsung galaxy S3 mini (1500mAh).

This is the scene of Transferring from one device to another.

Transferring Charge to
Transferring Charge Android to Android

ok, here you can see the phone charging and that’s it for this lesson. So this was one of the best methods to charge your phone from another, for more this kind of articles need your likes, comment and shares and don’t forget to give your feedback.

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