Tips to Stay Safe Online While Surfing

Did you know that a single click can hijack your device & bankrupt you? Every day, we surf online and search for something, read books, listen to songs, etc. However, we depend and give our 40-50% time doing this all. How much ever we surf online, the risks are over your expectations especially when out of protected vicinity’s network like on vacations. By this everyone should be alert due to there are maybe scammers, hackers, and spammers to deceive you. It may be in shape of email attachments, pop up, click here, ask for password or any way. Of course, you can’t stop them but if you take the tips to protect yourself then you’re out of their hands and gone stay safe online. Beside tips and tricks to stay safe online, common sense must be option to use if you’re attacked. It can be in the worst time while you’re shopping or doing transitions if you aren’t secured. In this article, I’m going to show you tips to stay safe online while surfing.


Tips to Stay Safe Online While Surfing

1# Use a Complex Password:

Did you know that a complex password takes more time to crack than a simple one? Yes, if you want to stay safe online and be out of hands. The primary step to secure surfing is creating or using a complex password. A complex password is not only guessable but also difficult for cracker which may take much time. Like every password isn’t complex and a complex password contains numbers, upper letters, symbols. Also, there are some websites which checks your password, how much secure are they, here on where you can find how much secure is it.

2# Avoid Connection to Unsecured Networks

Every network isn’t secured especially out of home like Public Wi-Fi or Airport WiFis or neighbors. The risk of connecting to Wifi is more than everything else. Because, once you’re connected to it, it’s like you have given all of your info yourself. Exactly, the same you are thinking means they can control, track etc. It is important to know when you are connecting whether to a secure or unsecured network every time, like if you out of home network and want to check your emails but unfortunately you are far away from home, in this case, try using mobile network. Here what I mean is being out of public network because it may harm or fall you in danger.

#3 Never give out your personal details on internet

While surfing online, maybe you are asked to fill the required details with your personal details, but you should never do it. If you are on a trusted website, they’ll never ask for your password or anything personal. But if you are on untrusted website, then you may be asked. Think before act, exactly means the same.

4# Never fall into scams, fakes

The scams or fakes can be in unknown shape like email attachments, links, pop ups etc. If they are unknown to you or you don’t know them, never ever click or open them. Like I said, they are the most dangers kinds of hacks. Notice that while surfing online, at the first try browsing in trusted websites because they are secured and never ask for your password but if you’re surfing in an unsafe website, then there’s no guarantee that they may ask for your email, password or personal details. Moreover, if you are on PC or mobile, always install trusted programs or apps which function perfectly but also don’t snatch your personal details.

#5 Always Have a Backup

Protect your valuable works, projects, by having a backup. From the time you are going out until you come back to home or even at home there are risks of losing your data. Therefore, you’ve to take a backup of your phone every time or maybe one time a week. As well as, don’t forget to have a list of your passwords backup, not only passwords but also your essential details because a data loss can happen anywhere anytime. In this case, we have some guides which may help you how to have a full backup instantly.

Final words: Security is an essential step for everyone, whether you are working anywhere. Ok, that’s all. If you have any question, suggestions or ideas regarding this, feel free to ask me.

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