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How to Transfer Data From Phone to Phone?

Transferring data or data transferring sounds just like a game, especially when you tell someone for doing it. Nowadays it has been a useful service that thousands of people transfer data from phone to phone in a day, do you know how they do? like the most, what actually you need isn’t much easy to find it in bundles of ordinary apps, services, tools, Softwares, so here I’ll show you how to transfer data from phone to phone with MobileTrans easily without any error or mistake. You might think why MobileTrans phone transfer? Because it’s the key of necessity of every smartphone for everyone, means it is what you need for transferring your data whether from iOS to Android, Android to iOS….

Transfer Data From Phone to Phone with MobileTrans

As we discussed about Dr.Fone for Android and iOS both (mentioned below), now, this time, we’re going to show you how to transfer data from phone to phone with Wondershare MobileTrans phone transfer, so let’s move on.

1. Before getting started and stepping towards transferring data, download and install MobileTrans Phone Transfer from below. When installed, lanuch it and register, once registered, connect both the source and the destination phone via USB, then select the files to transfer, click Transfer when done.



Transfer Data From Phone to Phone
Wondershare MobileTrans

Note: If you connect an Android device, make sure USB debugging is turned on.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer
MobileTrans Phone Transfer

After clicking the button, the transferring will start and complete like the shot below.

Wondershare MobileTrans - Data Transfered
Wondershare MobileTrans – Data Transferred

2. And that was transferring data from phone to phone, this much simple, now let’s back up our device to safe it from any accident or file losing action. To do it go back to the homepage of MobileTrans and click Backup your phone.

MobileTrans - Backup your phone
MobileTrans – Backup your phone

3. Now select your file types to backup then click Start Transfer to begin the backup process.

MobileTrans - Backup-Now
MobileTrans – Backup-Now

After pushing the button, the backup will start and will backup all the content, you can find the folder too.

Thinking about restoring it? Yes, that’s true, you can restore it from your backup, to restore go to Wondershare MobileTrans Phone Transfer homepage and click Restore from backups then select the type to restore. When done, you’ll see the page like the shot then just select files then click Start Transfer, it will restore the files soon and easy.

MobileTrans - Restore backup
MobileTrans – Restore backup

Ok, fine that’s all, hope it would be informative and helpful. If you’ve any question regarding this ask now.

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Recover Deleted Data on Android with Dr.Fone

Got sucked how to unlock or recover data?

Everyone wants to have the key of solution against problems and that’s what I and everyone is searching for, and here’s what I’ve found (Dr.Fone) that we all will love it and the features to solve every time, everywhere and everyone’s problems even if you’re thinking it impossible but you’re wrong because impossible itself is made with possible and if we remove “im” for impossible it will be possible. There are lots of people that want to fix this but unfortunately, they couldn’t find it, especially about data recovery (from Internal Memory, SD Card) screen lock, and many common scenarios. It is a trusted and complete Android compatibility company that is the easiest to use, all what you’ve to do is connect your device to the computer and launch Wondershare Dr.Fone then search, recover your deleted files or fix your Android phone.

Wondershare Dr.Fone

The Wondershare Dr.Fone is your complete mobile pit stop that covers all the tools you need to keep your mobile running fix and fully. It is the highest recovery rate in the industry that recover photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, and more also it is compatible with 6000+ Android devices. Also, Dr.Fone can recover files from many common scenarios such as; Deleted Data, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, Rooting Error, ROM Flashing, Lost data after factory restore, Lost data due to OS update, Device stuck and not responding, Data missing after Rooting or ROM flashing, Unable to synchronize backup. More than that, it is fully compable with your device means it does nothing without recovering or its command, also it is 100% Security, 100% Safe with 30 day trail.

Download Now: Dr.Fone For Windows, Mac

Recover Deleted Data on Android with Dr.Fone

Before getting started, download Wondershare Dr.Fone from here and install it.

1. When the Dr.Fone installed successfully, launch it and connect your device to the computer. Once connected, unlock your device from screenlock and on your device there will be asked for permission so click Ok on that. When the device connected to Dr.Fone now select the types of files to recover then click Next.


2. Now select a mode to recover files then click Start. If you want to root your device then check out this article below.

Dr.Fone -Method Selection
Dr.Fone -Method Selection

3. Here you’ve to be connected to the internet to download the pakages for rooting then it will root your device and try to recover the files. During the recover, your device might restart one or several times also it will install MobileGo app on the device, when the scan finished, you’ll be prompted to restart the scan, so click Back and click Next to rescan again.

Scanning Device
Scanning Device

4. After the scan finished, you’ll see the deleted files and you can recover them just by selecting and clicking on Recover then browse the location on your computer to recover then click Ok.

Dr.Fone -Recover Deleted Files
Dr.Fone -Recover Deleted Files

When the file restored successfully to your computer, throw it back to your mobile and you’re done.

Ok, that’s it, hope it would be informative and helpful. If you’ve any question, suggestion, ideas for improvment put a comment below.