Install VMware Tools on MacOS Sierra 10.12 to Enhance VM Performance

Every virtual machine (VM) needs to install VMware Tools to go for the best as the new MacOS Sierra 10.12 or OS X El Capitan. When you’ve finished the installation, you’re ready to experience the best of it by installing the VMware tools. It is a suite of utilities that enhances the performance of the virtual machine’s guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machines. It is necessary utility for all the virtual machines running on VMware which includes many improvements and experiences such as time synchronization, graphics performance, efficient memory allocation, accelerated mouse driver, optimized SCSI driver, replicate with guest operating systems run scripts etc. Although a virtual machine can run without VMware tools but you can improve performance and abilities by installing it.

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Install VMware Tools on MacOS Sierra 10.12 to Enhance VM Performance

Now that you’ve known all about VMware Tools, let’s move towards installing it.

1# Run & Open VMware Tools

1. Once you have installed macOS Sierra or El Capitan on VMware, now power on the virtual machine and sign in. Navigate to VMware options> VM> Install VMware Tools, when the confirmation window pops up just hit Install.

Notice: You can install VMware Tools on any OS X using this method.

Select Install VMware Tools
Select Install VMware Tools

2. When the VMware tools window pops up, select Install VMware Tools.

VMware Tools
VMware Tools

#2 Install VMware Tools From Installation Wizard

1. On the installation wizard, hit Continue.

VMware Toos Installation wizard
VMware Toos Installation Wizard

2. Now hit Install to perform a standard installation of VMware Tools.

Installation Type
Installation Type

After continuing, the installation will take a moment to install, and here’s what you’ll see but you have to restart the virtual machine in order to complete the process.

Installation Completed - Summary
Installation Completed – Summary

Once the virtual machine restarted, you’ll have all the enhancements and user experiences also have fixed the screen resolution + speed like the shot below. Also, you can drag & drop from guest OS to VM or from VM to guest OS and use mouse better than before.

Install VMware Tools on macOS Sierra to Enhance Performance
VMware Tools Installed – macOS Sierra

Thus, you can use it like a pro and have everything or every apps you want to work with, you can do each and everything you want. So did you find it helpful? Share now with your friends and let them be aware, they might thank you later. If you have any question regarding this, feel free to ask.