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How to Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 10 / 8 / 7?

Try different passwords to log in to Windows but to no avail? How can I get rid of forgetting Windows password when locked out? Need to help your friend to get in to admin account as he couldn’t remember his password? This tutorial will show you two methods to reset forgotten login password on Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

Method 1: Using Password Reset Disk

With Windows built-in password reset feature, you can create a password reset disk from Control Panel so that you can easily reset a forgotten password when you’re locked out. If you’ve made a password reset disk in advance,  follow these steps:

Step 1: After rebooting to Windows login screen, type anything in the password prompt and hit Enter.  You’ll get the error message “ The password is incorrect. Try again.

Step 2: Once clicking OK, you’ll back to the login screen. Now, you can see the “Reset password” link below the password prompt. At this point, insert your password reset disk and click that link.

Reset Password
Reset Password

Step 3: When the Password Reset Wizard opens, click Next.

Password Reset Wizard
Password Reset Wizard

Step 4: Select the drive letter of your password reset disk and click Next.

Insert Password Reset Disk
Insert Password Reset Disk

Step 5: Type a new password, and type a hint that will remind you of the password if you forget it. Click Next.

Reset user account
Reset user account

Step 6: Click Finish. You can now log in with the new password.


Method 2: Using Password Recovery Tool

Forgot your Windows admin password and you don’t have a password reset disk? If you have lost admin access to your computer, you need to use third-party Windows password recovery tool. PCUnlocker is one of the best tools that can help you bypass, change, reset forgotten passwords of all users on your computer. Here is a walkthrough on using PCUnlocker to reset lost Windows 10 / 8 / 7 password easily:

Step 1: First of all, download the ISO image of PCUnlocker using a working computer. Double-click the just-downloaded .iso file. Windows might start a program that burns it to CD. If you want to create a bootable USB drive, download and install ISO2Disc.


Step 2: After getting PCUnlocker bootable CD ready, insert it into the computer you’re going to access, and boot off the CD. Once loading the compact operating system inside the CD, PCUnlocker will start.


Step 3: Choose your user in the account list, and click on Reset Password. This program will do almost whatever you want: reset forgotten login password, activate your account when it’s disabled or locked, promote the account to an administrator if necessary, etc.

Step 4: Click Restart. You can then sign into that Windows account without a password!


The method of using password reset disk is about as useful as not losing your Windows password because you have to create that disk when you can remember the administrator password. If you forgot to create a password reset disk, PCUnlocker can come into rescue. If you still facing any problem you can drop us comment.

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How to Reset Forgotten Windows Server 2016 Password?

A password is the essentials of security for securing from all expected and unexpected happenings. While in Windows, you should protect your computer by locking it with a password. To do that so, you have to create a secure password to be well secured, but if you’ve done that before and now forgotten Windows password. Here in this guide, we will show you how to reset forgotten windows server password in some easy steps.

Notice: This guide works for all version of Windows such as Windows 7/vista, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016.

Reset Forgotten Windows Server 2016

1. Boot your system using bootable USB or CD/DVD, when the page appears just press Shift+F10 to open cmd (Command Prompt). If you don’t know how to boot then read the instruction below.

To Boot: Insert the USB or CD/DVD drive in the system and restart the computer, when the screen appears press F12 or press BIOS button and select the bootable device by pressing enter.

2. Now type D: then CD Windows\System32 to make changes to the computer with full system permission.


CD Windows\System32

Enter Commands

Note: If the D: drive wasn’t the root directory then type fsutil fsinfo drives to list all the drives on the system then select another drive.

3. Here you have to change the utility manager to cmd by typing:

Ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.old

Copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

Shutdown -r -t 0

Reset Utilman.exe

When the commands finished, your computer will restart. While restarting, don’t boot Windows, let it start normally.

Reset User Password

4. When the windows started normally,  on the sign in page, click on the utility manager or press ( Windows 10 Logo Key + u )  to open Command Prompt (cmd). Here you can create a new admin user or change your user password, to reset your password and change it type:

Net user [username] *

Change User Password
Change User Password
Reset User Password

Your password has successfully reset, and now you can log in with your new password.

Notice: When the password reset finished, reserve them back because if you don’t then anyone can reset the admin password.

Now to reserve the changes, boot Windows using USB or DVD device then press Shift+F10 and type:


Cd windows\system32

Ren utilman.exe

Ren utilman.exe.old utilman.exe

Shutdown -r -t 0

Reserve Changes

When the system restarted, check the utility manager and it will work.

That’s all if you have any question regarding this feel free to ask now.

A bonus tip: If you want to get easier and speedier login in every time, try adding a pin to your account despite your password. On the login page, you could log in with your pin or password.

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