How to Setup Parental Controls on Android Devices?

Today’s era we’ve got lots of naughty kids around us trying to install any application whether it’s free or not, spending credits in games, Apps or any adult sites and also try to access any unknown or untrusted websites which are very harmful to them, so how to restrict them? Don’t no? Everyone thinks about their kids and want to save them from every bad happening, so this refers to me and I have to guide you how you can setup parental controls on your device and the reason is, I love to make you and others happy from this.

A parent responsibility is to take care of their children and not let them become a gang or any bad guy in a society that it’s a common wish for every parent over the world. Parents do their best for children but sometimes they can’t control their children. A big threat to a child is watching 18+ movies or videos. This watching will effect on his or her mind and it’s very bad for their health.

As last time we had discussed to set parental controls in Windows, so in this chapter, we will take a look at set parental controls and restrict child using the internet.

Setup Parental Controls on Google PlayStore

Setting parental controls of Android, iOS and Windows are one the most important thing to do and many people even my friends want, that’s why I am going to show and do it for you, as we have done in Windows, Android and just remains in iOS, no problem we will discuss that in upcoming articles.

At first, we will set up parental controls on Google PlayStore then move towards other restrictions.

 1. Open Google Play Store and Slide from left to the right then tap on Settings.

Google PlayStore
Google PlayStore

2. Tap on parental Controls and enable it, then you will be asked to enter a pin in order to change the parental settings later, so to do it, enter a pin and click ok then confirm it.


3. When parental controls enabled, click on Apps & Games and determine your child age to allow him/her up to the level. When specified the age, you will be notified that parental controls restrict purchases or downloads from Google App PlayStore.

Parental Controls
Parental Controls

Now, it’s done, check out the PlayStore and you will see the contents(Apps) that refer to the child age.

Google PlayStore
Google PlayStore

Setup Parental Controls on Apps & Browsing

Now it’s time to setup parental controls on apps & browsing that child like to play with, so to do this we need to install Mobicip on your Android from PlayStore, no need to go to PlayStore you can install it just from here.

1. After installing Mobicip open it and sign up by clicking on Sign up and fill out the blanks with your details.


2. Ok, now sign in with your account and then enter a 4 digit pin to set a passcode for Mobicip lock screen then confirm it and click Setup.

Mobicip LockScreen
Mobicip LockScreen

3. At this point, it will ask to allow device administrator to prevent Mobicip from being uninstalled. By activating device administrator will allow Mobicip several operations, you can allow or cancel this but I recommend not activate this due to its not too much necessary.

Mobicip device administrator
Mobicip device administrator

4. In this page, you will have to enable app blocking and restrictions by clicking on enable.

Allow accessibilty Service
Allow accessibility Service

5. By clicking on enable, you will be redirected and opened to turn on app blocking in accessibility from settings. So, to do that first enable Applock then Mobicip both.

Notice: By enabling Applock, browsing restrictions will be also enabled and no need to do it.


Finally, the Applock and restrictions have enabled successfully. Now give the smartphone to your child and let them browse and play games etc. If he/she browse anything that refers to adults then it will block automatically. Also, Mobicip blocks app which is downloaded from PlayStore or anywhere else from outside.

Setup parental controls
Site Restricted

There is no need to worry now because it blocks every adult or harming app or site. Apps will ask for the pin you had created. Start letting child….

That’s all, this was all about setup parental controls on android devices. Unfortunately, android devices don’t have parental controls by default as iOS have, that’s why I shared this with you.

So if you have any question during this or want to add something, share it by a comment.


How to Set up Parental Controls in Windows 10?

Childs are very important for all and everyone wants to secure their browsing and other activities in internet so now it’s easy to do in windows 10 just by adding the account into the family member in your PC settings so you can manage or set up parental controls and they can use the PC too. By setting parental controls in the windows, you can add kids and make browse safer, also you can view all activities of them and make sure that they don’t see misbehavior websites, apps or any games. To get more experienced and enjoy more features set up parental controls in windows so let’s start settings up parental controls in windows.

Set up Parental Controls in Windows

Before set up parental controls, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account in your PC and then start.

1. Go to Settings>accounts>Family & other users and click on Add a family member.

Settings – Add family member

2. Select Add a child and enter the email address of the person and click Next to send an invitation to join, if the person doesn’t have email address then click on The person I want to invite doesn’t have an email address. 

Note: You can also set up an adult to manage the Childs and work as an adult.

Add a child

3. Now enter the child’s name with an email address then type a password with the country and date of birth to create for it and click Next continue.

Create an account

4. To protect your child’s security more enter a phone number, it will be asked when you’ve forgot your password so you can reset it or you can also use an email by clicking on add an alternate email instead then type an email and click Next.

Enter no

5. In this step, read both the options and mark them if you want to let the child see and get offers and see Microsoft advertising and promotion using their account and click Next.

More info

Ok, it’s done and the account has been created successfully, now the child can log on to their account with their password anytime, click Close.

Account created

Manage Parental Controls in windows

  • All right, now you can manage their account easily by clicking on Manage family settings online.
Manage accout online

The account settings will be opened online so you can open it in Microsoft Edge browser.

  • When the page loaded select a child to manage.
  • Select Recent activity then turn on Activity reporting and to send the reports to you weekly enable it.

By turning this on, it will save the activities of the child and will be send to you weekly.

Activity reporting
  • To manage web browsing of the child, select web browsing then turn on block inappropriate websites then scroll down to allow or block websites manually.
Web browsing
  • Now to allow or block a website for the child, enter the website and click allow and to block a website, enter the website and click block.
  • The sites have managed clearly, now to manage apps and games select Apps & games then click Turn on blocking, on the page turn on Block inappropriate apps & games then scroll down to limit apps, games and media.

Specify the child age then, windows will automatically adjust apps, movies, games and others which are appropriate for 13.


Child Age


  • The last portion to set is to limit the screen times for the child, so to manage navigate to Screen time then click on Set allowed times, turn on Set limits for when my child can use devices and scroll down then set the times for the child to use.
Screen times

Block someone using this PC

To allow or block someone using this PC, go to Settings>Accounts>Family & other users then block the person you want.

Block user or child

Ok, that’s all, if you have any question regarding this ask here.