How to Publicize WordPress Posts on Google+?

Sharing content and publicizing it in WordPress is very easy with Jetpack, but the problem is when we share content from WordPress in Google+ , it won’t be shared in public so public can’t see it or find it to get their preferred contents. It fails a content 80% to be viewed and read in Google+.

Shared only with you

This is how we see and then we reshare it again in public and it is not the right way to share content, it’s not the fault of Jetpack or WordPress, but you can set it from Google+ very easily, here’s how to publicize WordPress posts in Google+.

Publicize WordPress in Google+ Profile or in Google+ Page

If you have connected WordPress to your Google+ profile then you can do the following steps to share it in public.

Step #1. Log in to your account and go to your account Settings, scroll down to Manage apps & +1’s on posts then tap on it to manage your account settings.

Settings – Manage Apps

Step #2. Now find out WordPress and you will see it with Extended circles or Only you then click on edit and change it to Public.

Change sharing options

Change extended circles to Public and your WordPress posts will be shared publicly.

And your posts will be published in your Gooogle+ profile publicly without any problem.

If you have connected WordPress to theThis was all about how to publicize WordPress posts on Google+.

If you found any problem with this or have any question comment below.