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5 Most Interesting Features of Mac OS X El Capitan

The OS X gives you simpler or smarter ways to do things you like the most. This new operating system (OS X El Capitan(10.11) has been released newly on March 21, 2016 and by updating this release it has improved the security, performance, design and usability of OS X compared to OS X Yosemite, Apple says that opening PDFs is four times faster, app switching and viewing messages in Mail is twice as fast and launching apps is 40% faster. It has been the most comfortable and stable to work with different views or features such as Window management, Applications, System Integrity Protection. In this post, I’ll be going to discuss based on 5 most interesting features in Mac OS X El Capitan.

5 Most Interesting Features of Mac OS X El Capitan

  • Split View

    Having more apps and wanting to work with both at the same time on a screen is just amazing. Now you can open your mac screen and work on two different apps or things you want like opening a remainder with safari and search out a place then make a remainder for dinner with your friend, wife or someone else. So how to do it? Find it now below.
    Here’s how to do it:- open an app or window and just click and hold on the green expand button then drag/drop to one side of the screen like the shot below.

Split View
Split View
  • Mission Control (Space Managment)

    The Mac has never been out of control means now you can find out what’s going up on your Mac just by a swiping up. By mission control that also calls space management feature, you can view all the windows running on the mac without any hidden app or lacking so you can select the one you want to work with but do you know how to do it? So follow it below.
    Here’s how to do it:- There are several ways to do it, first method: press F3 on Apple Keyboard. Second method: use three or four fingers and swipe up. Third method: Press Control+up key to open mission control like the shot below. Also, you can create a new window just by putting the mouse on the right corner of the screen and click on a + icon.

Mission Control
Mission Control
  • Spotlight

    Searching for something in your Mac? Let’s find it out with Spotlight. The spotlight has always made easier to find out apps, files or anything else you want on your Mac, this is great to work with. Also, you can ask spotlight in your natural language easily and do much more because it much flexible. Don’t get fully? see below to know
    how to do that.
    Here’s how to do it:- Head up on the Mac screen on the right-hand corner and click on magnify icon, when the spotlight opened you can search anything anytime.

  • Notes

    The Notes have ever been important and need to users for collecting more than just your thoughts. In this update, I myself have loved this and you might also. Now you can write/type notes and also insert image, video, web link or map location to a note and one thing else? Thanks to iCloud that saves them automatically and everywhere or everytime you’ve them with yourself without carrying them into USB or Hard drive. Did you know this how to use check below:-
    Here’s how to do it:- open Notes from the taskbar and here type the thing you want to note then to add images click on double window icon from up beside Aa and drag and drop images you want.

  • Photos

    Your every shot is the memory of that time you had also it’s important to you to be on your computer. Mac OS X El Capitan now brings Photos app which can store all your photos and also edit them and either you can mark favorite photos nor you can make albums and much more. OS X El Capitan supports third party apps like photos that you can find it on App Store and install, then enjoy using it. Ok, do you know how to open?
    Here’s how to do it:- open up Photos from taskbar and you’ll see all the photos also you can mark favorite or make albums etc.

5 Most Interesting Features in Mac OS X El Capitan

Actually there are some more features that can be mentioned here but I decided to mention those which are the most interesting features on Mac OS X El Capitan. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, tell us now by comment.


How to use Motions and Gestures on Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung is always trying to produce something different from other devices for their users and it’s a kind of surprise. This time, Samsung have produced two extraordinary smartphones the Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge which we can take Motions and gestures as a good instance of that means controlling without hands. They are one of the coolest features in your phones that makes everything easy for the users. Now it’s time to enable Motions and Gestures and use this great feature anywhere, anytime.

Use Motions and Gestures Available on Your Phone

There are exactly five motions and gestures are in Samsung Galaxy S5 such as Air browse, Direct call, Smart alert, Mute/Pause and Palm swipe. It’s like the top 15 features that we discussed about. Now let’s get started by reviewing and using them.

Air browse

By enabling the Air browse you can scroll through pages or lists of items like Gallery, Music player and Music on the lock screen just by moving your hand over the sensor in the direction that you would like to scroll. When the Air browse is available, the hand icon will appear on the status bar at the top of the screen.

To enable Air browse go to > Settings > Motions and Gestures, set it on. You can mark the supported applications also.

Air browse

Direct call

The Direct call is awesome because through this simply you can call the contacts whose call log, message or contact details are currently on the screen by bringing the device close to your ear.

To enable this motion, go to > Settings > Motions and Gestures > Direct call.

Direct calls
Direct calls

Smart Alert

Smart Alert makes your phone amazing, it vibrates when you pick your smartphone up and it will notify you about missed calls and messages.

To enable, head up to Settings > Motions and Gestures > Smart alert set it on.

Smart alert
Smart alert


Here are three options that each of them has their own usages.

  • By placing palm on the screen: it simply mutes the incoming calls and alarms.
  • Turning device over: silent the incoming calls.
  • Smart pause uses the front camera to detect if you are facing the screen and pauses videos when you look away.

To enable it, go to > Settings > Motions and Gestures > Mute/Pause.


Palm swipe

Want to screenshot? yes, now it’s an easy way to capture the screen just by swiping on the edge of your hand across it from side to side keeping in contact with the screen.

To enable it go to > Settings > Motions and Gestures > Palm swipe.

Motions and Gestures
Palm swipe

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Top 15 Samsung Galaxy S5 Features You Won’t Give up

Samsung galaxy S5 is realised after Samsung galaxy S4 with many changes and became successful in technology atmosphere that still people want to have it and now the latest version of the Samsung manufacture is Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with several functionalities and features. Today I’ve covered several Galaxy S5 features that take the users experience to the next level with extraordinary features, it has all the features and functionality you could possibly want. Now the Galaxy S5 is more than two years old but still you may not be gotten any features of them, it’s time to show you some tips and trick of it the Galaxy S5 features.

15 Great Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

1# One-handed operation

Samsung Galaxy S5 is about 5.1-inch and 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, it has a wide screen that users can’t handle it by one hand but there is a way to use it with one hand that is One handed operation. It reduces the size of the screen and can comfortably be fixed in one hand. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Sound and displayOne-handed operation. Once it enabled, now you can use it by swiping in and out of the side on the screen. You can also adjust the size of the window.


2# Private mode

Samsung has built up the great feature, this will enhance your security and keep your files secure. The private mode allows you to hide your pictures, music, voice recorder, my file and videos and they are just accessible by entering the code.

To run this feature on your phone, go to Settings > Personalisation> “Private mode”. Enable it then choose the type of access mode to the private. When it activated then perhaps go to your gallery and log press the picture you want to hide and you will see the sign of private mode on the notification bar.

Private mode

3# List view in settings

You can list your settings as your own wish, there are three types of listing your settings on your phone. You can view the settings as grid or list or tab, it coherence up to you.

To get into the view list, go to Settings tap on the menu icon(three vertical dots) then tap on view as.

View as

4# Ultra Power saving mode

It’s something new for the Galaxy S5 because we’ve never seen this feature in any lower Samsung devices. This will help you to reduce the usages of battery and it limit the number of apps on your phone, you can use the necessary apps and disabling other apps which is pretty good.

To enable this feature, just slide down the notification bar and tap on U.power saving.



5# The Toolbox

Access your favorite applications and features quickly with ToolBox. A floating shortcut menu will be shown on every screen, you can also customize which shortcuts appear on the floating Toolbox menu.

For the enabling you have to slide the down the notification bar then tap on Toolbox icon.


6# Finger Scanner

The Finger scanner came up with Samsung galaxy S5, it’s what you want, through this feature you can lock your phone as well as your apps. It’s a real protector.

To set this on your phone, go to Settings > Lock screen then set up your fingerprints on the lock screen and you can have a backup password also.


7# Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity is the coolest feature that can make a convenience use for the users just by enabling it. After you enabled this feature you can work up your device with gloves, pens and also your nails, in short you can use with all solid things.

To enable touch sensitivity on your phone, Slide down the notification bar then tap on the icon of Touch sensitivity.


8# Download Booster

Every phone needs to download and the Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a Download Booster app that lets users combine WiFi and LTE at the same time to download large files faster. This time, you can have multi-speed on downloading via Download booster.

To enable this feature, Slide down the notification bar then tap on the Download booster icon.

Download booster

9# Air View

Air view is not new in galaxy S5, this feature can preview info, view more text or magnify images by hovering your finger over items on the screen. Air view lets you see inside some of the content on your phone without touching it and it’s extremely easy to use.

Let’s begin to enable this feature, head up to the settings then come to motion section and tap on Air view. When you got there you can enable it.

Air View

10# S Finder

S finder is an easy way to access searching for a wide variety of content on your device and the internet. It assists you to shorten your way to the content perhaps you want to call to your friend or anyone else instead of heading up to your contacts and finding the number you can easily just search on the S finder. Also, you can search through your voice.

To access S finder slide down the notification panel then tap on the S finder.

S finder

11# Multi-Window Mode

The Multi-window mode allows Galaxy S5 users to run two apps simultaneously. This is a form of multitasking that help users to work on two apps and solve their need.

To have Multi-window, slide down the notification panel and tap on the Multi-window icon. By long tapping the back key you can open it.


12# Quick access to the Galaxy S5 settings

If you want to access to the settings very easily and soon so you need to know how? This is a good trick to access the settings just by sliding notification panel with two fingers and by long tapping to any icon on notification panel you can access to it. When you do that you will be redirected to the setting.


13# My hotkeys

This feature (hot keys is a new feature that can be set in Samsung galaxy S5 keyboard. Through this feature, you can assign a sentence or phrase to a keyboard number key as a text shortcut. You can have it just by long tapping on the number.

To add some words on hot keys, go to Settings > language and input > Samsung keyboard > Hot keys.

My hot keys

14# S Voice

S Voice is the bundled voice command application that comes with galaxy S5 and other Samsung devices. You can do a lot of work with it just by saying something and it’ll do it very sharp.

Double tap on the Home Button to bring up the S Voice and ask whatever her to do.

S Voice

15# Lock Apps via Fingerprints

Lots of people willing to lock their apps via fingerprints but there are not any default settings for that. You can lock your apps through an application on your galaxy S5. There is an app which is called FingerSecurity.


16# Mobile hotspot

This feature is very efficient for the users because by turning on you can share your data plan with others which is pretty perfect.

To turn on Tethering and Mobile hotspot, go to Settings > Tethering and mobile hotspot> turn on.

Mobile hotspot

Ok, that’s enough, if you have any idea or something for improvement etc lets share it.