How to Reset Forgotten Android Password Without Losing Data?

Have you lost your Android smartphone password? Looking for the solution? If you do, so you’ve come to the right place where you can find the simple and very helpful solution without losing any data. There is nothing worse than losing data whether phone data or computer data, however, it’s good to be careful of that or always we should have a backup.

It’s natural that sometimes we forget the phone, tablet or computer passwords but it’s a common problem although there are several ways to reset passwords we’ve to consider big risk in every situation. If you don’t have access to an internet connection on your Android smartphone or any tablet so it’ll be very hard to reset your phone without losing any data, the only option that you have is to unlock or reset password via backup password or Google account otherwise you don’t have any other option without reset forgotten android password via Factory Reset.

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Reset Forgotten Android Password

Backup Password

There are three types of passwords in Android devices, as you are much familiar with the pattern, pin, password but in some devices like Samsung galaxy S5 or later or in Nexus you have seen that there is a new type of password, the fingerprint. When you set up pattern type on your device, it’ll require a backup password and as well as the fingerprint but Pin and Password are not required any backup password. This method can assist you to open your phone and reset the password but if you also forget the Backup password so you have two more options to get access to your phone see below.

Backup password
Backup password

Google Account

Another effective method that can make a simple solution reset your password is Google account. The Google account is an important requirement for the Android devices with which you can download the Apps from the Google Play store which is one of the biggest markets in Android OS. Google account can help you to open your phone and reset the password if you’re connected to a network already, this trick is outstanding. The easiest and sharpest method to save your data and reset your password once again is Google account if you’re connected to the internet otherwise you can’t.

Unlock via Google account
Unlock via Google account

Factory reset

One of the popular and common ways of bypassing or resetting forgotten Android password is factory resetting your phone but the thing which matters the most is it doesn’t recover or save your data on your phone. Also, this method similar to other methods is easier and can be done in few minutes. Many people find it helpful when they have backed up their data and just factory reset their phones as we had discussed before the full backup of Android phones easily and if you don’t know how to do it then check out the following link.

Reset Forgotten Android Password
Factory Reset

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How to Factory Reset Your Android Phone?

Is your device lock with a password or pattern? Is your device working slow or not working properly like crashing apps and other problems?

Here’s the solution all you need about your phone, your phone have the option to be fixed by a factory reset.

What’s Factory Reset?

A factory reset is a master reset which restore your device to its original form by erasing all information in the device. There are two ways to reset your device first you can do it from device if your device isn’t locked with password or pattern, to reset phone from the device: go to Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone>enter your password/pattern>Erase Everything and wait about 1 or 2 minutes to let the device reset and start but if you can’t access to your phone (if it is locked with pattern or password then read the following article.

What’s the difference between the hard reset and soft reset?

Hard reset” is a factory reset or master reset that restore your device to its original form by removing all data stored in the device, you can do it in order to unlock the device, make faster your phone, fix app crashing or other problems and “soft reset” clears memory cache to clean memory and close all application to free up memory or end up device hangups. It can be also done just by restarting your phone, they both soft reset and restarting are the same.

Factory Reset Your Android Phone

Before we start, power off your device completely or take off the battery for some seconds if its stuck and can’t be shut down.

1. Boot the device in recovery mode, press and hold (Home+Power+Volume Up) until the device enters into the recovery mode. Now navigate to wipe data/factory reset by volume down button then press the power button to select wipe data/factory reset, it will take you to another menu.

Note: By factory resetting your phone, it will remove all your phone data stored in it and make sure to have backup your phone before resetting.

If the keys above doesn’t work then make sure that you’re using the right keys for your device. You can find the right keys for your device down here.

  • For Samsung Galaxy S2: Home  + Volume Up + Volume Down
  • For Samsung Galaxy S3: Home  + Volume Up + Volume Down
  • For Samsung Galaxy S4: Home + Power + Volume Up
  • For Samsung Galaxy S5: Home + Power + Volume Up
  • For Samsung Galaxy S6: Home + Power + Volume Up
  • For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Home + Power + Volume Up
  • For Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Motorola Droid X: Home + Power
  • For Devices with Camera buttons: Volume Up + Camera
  • For Acer Tablets: Power + Volume Up
Recovery Mode & Select Wipe data or Factory reset
Recovery Mode

2. Go down to Yes – delete all data) through volume down button then press the power button to select it.

Select Yes
Select Yes

When the reset finishes, just press the home button to reboot your phone and start it.

Setup Your Phone After Resetting

When the phone reboot now start setting up.

  • Click Next on the startup screen.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi than choose a wi-fi network.
  • Read End user license agreement and Samsung terms and conditions then mark it, and tap Yes below and click Next.
  • Sign into your Samsung account or create a new account if you want or tap skip.
  •  Sign into your Google account then click Next.
  •  Click Next to the Google and your location.
  •  Type your full name and click Next.
  •  Create your Dropbox account or Sign in or click Skip.
  •  Manage key features and click Next.
  •  Type a device name and click Finish to start using your phone.

That’s all if you have any question regarding this ask through comments.