How to Set Up Your Phone to a TV Remote Controller?

Everyone wants to use their smartphones more and use it everywhere, but many people don’t know if they can use their smartphones as a TV remote controller. Here you can do it, it’s not only easy but also very flexible in your phone to use it as a TV remote controller every time. Peel Smart Remote now brings your smartphone as a remote controller but also you can use it to watch live or record any video you like. It can be used as a remote in TV, DVD Player, Projector, Air conditioner and more. So let’s start setting it in your phone.

Set Up Your Phone to a TV Remote Controller using Peel Smart Remote

Before start setting up, you need to download Peel Smart Remote from here, or you can Enable this in your phone if it is disabled, to enable: – go to Settings>Application manager>Peel smart Remote>Click on Enable. If you couldn’t find it in your phone then go to Play Store then search Peel Smart Remote and install it on your device.

1. Open Peel Smart Remote and click Start three times.

Peel Smart Remote

2. Select TV to continue. You can also choose other devices to set up but we will do it later.

Select Device

3. Select your TV brand then click Next.

Select Device brand

4. Now Point your phone at the TV then tap the button 1 to turn your TV on/off, after you press the button you will be asked if the button works or not then tap Yes if it worked or tap No if it doesn’t worked.

Note: If the button doesn’t works and you have answered no then the button will automatically changed to another button, try like this until the button works to your TV.

Tap button

After the remote works tap Yes then your remote will be added, click ok when the notification appears.

5. The remote has been successfully added in your phone, click Done to start using the remote.

Tap Yes if work

And your remote is now ready to use, so start using it from now and enjoy.

Remote successfully created

To set up a new remote for another TV, just click on + button then use the steps above.

If you have any question regarding this, feel free to ask here.


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