How to Set Backup Password on Android?

If you are finding yourself as an expert or got some tips and tricks of Android so you need to prove it. Assuming, someone ask you: can you set backup password? If you say no it’ll be a shame for you that you don’t know it, don’t worry I am here to get you to the point. Firstly, you need to know everything about your android device especially the settings. There are lots of features in android that need to be learnt, The first trick that you should know is the settings. As its name, that describe set up everything. Almost 70% features are in settings and the remaining 30% is out of the settings so if you want to know more about the settings then you have come to the right place where you can find lots of tips and tricks of Android devices and also set backup password on Android.

Set backup password on Android

There is no default setting for the backup password, it comes with the pattern and fingerprint. The backup password can assist you to unlock and reset your Android phone’s password. When you enter the incorrect password or you might forget the password so that time you can use this trick to open up the lock screen. This trick can set up only with two types of password pattern and fingerprint, most of Android smartphones are not compatible with the fingerprint and that’s why you’ve to select the pattern in order to set a backup password for your Android phone or tablet.

  • To set up a backup password head up to Settings > Quick settings > Lock screen > Pattern or fingerprint. When you set the pattern up then the backup setting will appear. Type the Backup password in order to use it. Or, you want to set the fingerprint up there will also appear this option.
Backup password
Backup password
  • And if you forgot your password try the backup password.
Enter backup..
Enter backup..

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