How to Send Feedback to Microsoft in Windows 10?

The Windows feedback is one of the important parts of Windows 10 that really Microsoft wants. We can explain those experiences we’ve had using it. By receiving your feedback to Microsoft, they begin A/B testing and find out who’s the happiest and what we need to update. This is what we can share our ideas, suggestions or any plans that is not known to Microsoft. I like this built in app and give feedback when I face any issue or anything else rather improvement, I share them all through feedback and also recommend you to send feedback to Microsoft too, it’s a kind of development we can do. Since the first preview build last October, over 3 million feedback were sent and more than 2.5 million response to the notification questions. It means that the engineers use our feedback and works perfect. Surely it has made Windows better and so on you can, so let’s get started.

Send Feedback to Microsoft in Windows 10

Before getting started, make sure you’ve a Microsoft account or you can sign up from here.

1. Open Start Menu by pressing windows key and find out and click on Windows feedback.

Start Menu
Start Menu

2. When opened sign in with your Microsoft account and you will be asked to enter your windows password or leave blank if your PC doesn’t have any password then click Next.

Unlock Device
Unlock Device

3. Now you’re ready to send your feedback, so to do this click on Add new feedback from the last.

Windows feedback
Windows feedback

4. Here you can select the kind, category and write down your feedback and click Post Feedback.

New Feedback
New Feedback

5. You’re done, thank you for your feedback, the feedback has successfully sent and Microsoft will soon imporove it.

Click Go back and see or add new feedback.

Send Feedback to Microsoft
Thank You Page

That’s it, your feedback has been sent to Microsoft and won’t be ignored. If you have any question or any suggestion regarding this write them all through comment.


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