10 Reasons Why Tablets Are Better Than Your Smartphone

Here’s a question for all the techies out there: What’s better, tablets or smartphones? This hotly contested topic has captivated the public’s attention for years. The advancements in tablet and smartphone functionality have made this even more difficult to answer. After careful analysis, we’ve conjured up 10 reasons why tablets are a better option:

1. Enhanced Flexibility – with tablets, you’re getting the best of what laptops have to offer, and what smartphones have to offer. Why? Because a tablet is a combination of both. It can be a laptop if you need it to be, and it can certainly be used for all manner of smartphone functions too. Tablets are great for e-readers, music videos, casual gaming, and to do lists. This flexibility makes it the preferred option for many techies.

2. Longevity – a fancy word for battery life. With tablets, you can rest assured that the technology to keep these devices powered up is always improving. Tablets tend to have a much longer battery life per charge than laptops, or smartphones that are used for the same purposes. Try running your favourite mobile games on your tablet versus your smartphone and see which one lasts longer.

3. Cost Considerations – tablets are much cheaper than the top smartphones in the iOS or Android range. In fact, not only are they cheaper but they are also superior in many ways. Consider the price of the latest iPhone 8 Plus at $799.99, or the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is retailing at $700 +.

4. Improved Gaming Performance – there is no doubt that the bigger screen sizes, and improved functionality of tablet-based gaming is superior to smartphone gaming. In gaming, the quality of the experience is always better when it is played on a bigger screen size. There are many examples of top-tier games such as  cube crash that offer improved audio-visuals on tablets. Interactive gaming elements, levelling up, multiplayer functionality and other in-game aspects are boosted with tablet gaming. Smartphones struggle to keep up, and ultimately fail hopelessly in this department.

5. Multiple Applications – Tablets are better for news, reviews, lists, music composition, video clips and so forth. Once again, it’s all about screen size. No matter how sophisticated smartphones become, they are limited by their size. Once a smartphone exceeds certain dimensions, it becomes a tablet for all intents and purposes. Instead of getting progressively larger smartphones, simply use the tablet to do all your reading, online shopping, gaming, listicles and so forth.

6. Less Likely to Get Misplaced – the smaller an electronic gizmo is, the more likely you are to misplace it – all things being equal. Tablets have an advantage over smartphones in this regard since they are much larger, without being as cumbersome as laptops. You’re less likely to misplace them, in theory at least.

7. Better Specs on Tablets – tablets are used for web browsing, light gaming, reading and more. If you’re looking to maximize those experiences, tablets are a no-brainer. The additional real estate (bigger screen size) offers many benefits such as longer battery life, better GPUs, and the like. Tablets can weigh as little as 439 g with 10.1 inch screens such as the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. It’s great for lengthy movie sessions, and while it costs around $500, it’s a good deal.

8. Most Gamers Prefer Tablets – this is the opinion of gaming aficionados the world over, thanks to Gartner. It was true in 2013 when the study was released, and it is true today. According to the study of 726 tablet owners in Australia, the US, and the United Kingdom, 50% of tablet users play games.

9. Tablets are Great Learning Devices for Kids – according to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Predictions Report, children under the age of 10 prefer tablets, however by 14 years of age, they switch over to smartphones. Tablets are a great learning device for middle schoolers, as they can do their homework/projects on these IOT gadgets.

10. A Better Multimedia Experience – Many tablets today only run on Wi-Fi connectivity, while smartphones can use 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. Tablets are known for having improved computational abilities and a better multimedia experience. Since screen sizes range between 7 inches and 10.5 inches, you get to experience the action in a bigger format which is great for emails, chatting, social networking, and online gaming. Unless you’re looking to make calls, there’s no reason not to pick a tablet for a better multimedia experience.

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