How to Perform a Clean Installation of Windows 10?

The new windows 10 is out and has installed on 110 million machines also have got the best ratings from most of the users. This time, Microsoft windows have added the top features including Deployment, management, personalizing and much more that are much easier to work with.  We’d recommend you to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 on your PC fully from here, you can install it on your PC right now and experience the latest features of it so let’s move towards it.

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Start Perform a clean Installation of windows 10

Before starting the installation, download the Windows 10 ISO Image then create a bootable USB flash drive and extract the ISO Image file into the USB Flash drive.

Notice: This method works installing on Vmware too after booting.

1. Attack the USB flash drive to your PC and boot the system using it. When the system booted, click Next.

Windows Setup

2. Now click Install Now.

Install Now

3. Click, I accept the terms and click Next.

Note: This is the enterprise version of Windows 10 and don’t need product key now but after using of 90 days, you will be asked for the product key.

Terms & Conditions

4. Here we have to choose Custom because we will install it on a new PC.


5. Now create a partition and create as many hard disk as many you want then select the disk to install the system on it and click Next. To create a hard disk just click on Delete to delete the partition already there then click on New and set the hard disk space.

Manage Disks

Wait now and let the windows be installed(Depending on your system).

 Installing Windows
Installing Windows

6. When the system restarted, you’ll see the windows express settings appear on the screen, you can use it for your windows or customize settings yourself but I’d recommend you to use the express settings, to use click on Use Express Settings.

Use Express Settings

7. Sign into your Microsoft account or set up Windows with a local account, then click Next. If you don’t have account then type your email address and click on Get a New Micrsoft Account then type the required information and click on create account but here I am using a local account.

Local account

When the settings finished wait some minutes to finish the windows installation.

Ok that’s it, the Windows has installed successfully on your PC enjoy it. After installing you will see the windows screen like the shot.

Windows 10 Installed

That’s it, if you have any question regarding this use the comment form.

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