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How to Backup Photos & Videos to Google Photos Automatically?

A phone is an important thing of your life. In fact, every time you’re using them and saving it so that you don’t lose them. But if I lose my content from my phone the only thing I would be thinking of is my memories of photos & videos and you might be the same. Or, if you have got 16GB or 32GB phone, then you’ll be counting every KB included. Thus, you would be afraid of recording or taking pictures often, while they are the heart of a phone like the heart of ocean in Titanic. No worries, because we have got the solution of your problems whether its storage or backup. In this article, we will be showing you the solution of your problems and working with Google Backup.

Note: This app/service work for all Computer, Android, iOS devices.

So What’s Google Backup?

Introducing, Google Photos – a complete cloud backup solution, which allows you to manage & save photos and videos in unlimited cloud storage. The procedure of saving photos and videos will be done automatically ones captured or will capture in future. Also, it manages them quickly based on their faces, location, whats in the picture. Want them private? No worries, nothing will be shared anywhere, anytime unless you would like to. Moreover, it will cost you nothing if you choose the high-quality (free unlimited storage) option which is the best option. However, you’ve two options to choose.

How does it work?

The Google Photos upload and works automatically once installed. Just sign in with your Google account and you’ll get started. For using Google Photos, you’ll need to plan for one of the following.

  • High Quality: Unlimited free storage for photos and videos that reduce the size and resolution of pictures to 16MP and videos to 1080P. For, e.g., if you’ll have a picture above 16MP, it will upload to Google Photos and will be reduced to 16MP if you had chosen the High-Quality option, same applies to videos. I recommend this option if you don’t have more than 16MP means you’re using the phone camera to capture.
  • Original Quality: Limited free storage that uses Google Drive storage in your Google Account. All photos and videos are stored in the same resolution that you took them. It is recommended for photos that have more than 16MP and videos with more than 1080p.

What does it needs to backup:-

Back up your photos and videos

You need:

A Google Account and the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device and on your PC or Mac, you can go to the website or just download the Backup & Sync app which is recently came to the internet.

  • Good internet connection.
  • File sizes that can be backed up: Your files won’t be backed up if they are:
    • Photos larger than 75 MB or 100MP
    • Videos larger than 10 GB.
    • Items smaller than 256 x 256.
  • File types that can be backed up:
    • Photos: .jpg, .png, .webp and some RAW files.
    • Live photos can be backed up if you use the Google Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Videos: .mpg, .mod, .mmv, .tod, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .m2t, .m2ts, .mts, and .mkv files.

Want to remove a content? Find out how to omit.

Don’t remove items everywhere

  • If you delete a photo or video from Google Drive or Google Photos, it won’t be removed from your computer.
  • If you remove a photo or video from your computer, it won’t be removed from Google Drive or Google Photos.

Once removed, it will be in the trash, and you can restore it within 30 days. It means if you’ve removed an item accidentally or something like that so you can bring it back from there after a long time.

Save Photos & Videos to Google Backup Automatically

The photos & videos are the major part of the content, don’t want to lose them? Let’s start saving them and get rid of counting storage from your phone because you’ve unlimited storage just beside your phone storage.

1. Open Google Photos or if you don’t have click here and install it on your phone.

 Download Now: Google Photos

Note: You can install and use Google Backup on any device you want.

Google Photos on Play Store
Google Photos on Play Store

2. Now open it and sign in with your Google Account, if you don’t have a Google Account then click here and sign up. Once you’ve signed in, click Get Started.

Google Photos
Google Photos

3. Select Backup & sync and click Continue.

Backup Photos & Videos
Backup Photos & Videos

4. Here, you have to choose whether you want free unlimited storage or  15GB your Google account storage. I recommend you to select the free unlimited storage because it not only full-fills your requirements and also provides more than useful features. Also, if you’re taking

Also, if you’re taking pictures with your phone, then this is the best option.

Upload options
Upload options

And you are done! Now you’ll see the files will start backing up automatically if you wish to do some settings, so just navigate to the top left-hand side and click on the three lines and will see the options, select Settings, and you’ll be on the settings page.

Here you can set all the things you wish like stop tracking Geo location, Group similar faces, sharing suggest…

Photos Settings
Photos Settings

Also, those pictures change your plan and do some advanced settings for backup, tap Backup & Sync, and you’ll be there.

Backup & Sync
Backup & Sync

You’re all set, now there are no chances to worry about your media contents because you’re backup every time. All of your contents including screenshots, Messenger, Viber, and much more are backup if you enable.

Google Photos Backed up
Google Photos Backed up

Now you can take pictures without worrying about space, backing, managing and sharing because they are all done automatically once connected to the internet. The same applies to access; you can access them from any device you want.

Want to share it with someone, don’t know how to do? See below.

1. Navigate to the top left corner and click on the three lines and select Share your library.


2. Tap Get Started.

Sharing Library
Sharing Library

3. Select one or more person or type down the email address you want to share.

4. Now choose whether you want to share all photos or specific one also you can select how long he can access it like a shot.

Choose Settings
Choose Settings

5. On this page, confirm what settings you have done and hit Send invitation so the user should be notified about and start accessing photos, you’ve shared with.


That’s all. Hope you have learned and find out something new and remember when you have backup all of your content then don’t forget to free up space on your phone by pushing the Free up space button.

Note: The Google Photos will remove those items which are backup in Photos and will just expand storage by deleting those photos which are already backed up.

  • Go to menu and select Free up space.
Free up space
Free up space
  • Hit Remove and all the photos that are backed up will be removed. Remember, if Google Photos have backup all of your photos and videos, in that case, it will remove all of your photos and videos from your phone.

One thing else, if you delete an item from Photos, it will be omitted from Google Drive too, but it won’t be removed from your device. Despite deleting it from Photos if you want to recover those then it’s pretty easy, no need to worry, just head up to Menu>Trash.

Here you can see all the photos deleted recently or from past, the photos will be deleted from the trash after 60 days.


How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?

Downloading has become critical activities like our day-to-day operations mostly while watching videos, whether it’s from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites you’ll want to download the video to your mobile or tablet devices, then you wish to watch it offline anytime you want without any Internet connection.

When it has become so important to you, so there comes a question, the question is how to download videos especially YouTube videos and which is the best and reliable Android app to download videos with? KeepVid is the best, reliable and unique Android app to download every kind of videos on your Android device. KeepVid (10-year experience in downloading multimedia files. Trusted by 100 Million users) Video Downloader is a free web application that allows you to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.Tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynda and much more.

KeepVid Key Features

KeepVid is an Android app to download YouTube videos. This app is available in website which has 10-year experience in downloading multimedia files from the Internet. This app is free to use just like KeepVid website which can download YouTube videos for free using website directly. This Android app to download YouTube videos is straightforward to use, and it’s a new but powerful app available in the market now. This app allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your mobile with simple taps.

  • KeepVid Android is the best Android app to download YouTube videos for free of cost.
  • You can download videos with different video qualities from YouTube using KeepVid Android.
  • KeepVid Android enables you to search and download videos directly.
  • You just need to click on a thumbnail of a website, and you will be redirected to the website videos.
  • KeepVid Android is capable of downloading YouTube videos directly into the MP3 format in one click.
  • It enables you to download videos very fast, so that’s the main reason why it is the best android app to download YouTube videos.
  • KeepVid Android is fully compatible with YouTube and downloads videos from other 28 video sites.
  • KeepVid Android supports HD video downloading as well so you can easily download 2K, 4K HD and UHD videos using this app in one click.
  • It supports batch downloading and enables you to download multiple videos at one time.
  • KeepVid Android supports downloading videos in a background as long as the app is running.

And there are some other cool features:

  • Download YouTube to MP3 on Android
    Download YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 directly. Enable you to get the music you want without compromising the audio quality. Enjoy your downloaded music directly on your Android device without opening other media player app.
Download YouTube to mp3
Download YouTube to mp3
  • Share to download the video
    Download YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 directly. Enable you to get the music you want without compromising the audio quality. Enjoy your downloaded music directly on your Android device without opening other media player app.
Share to download
Share to download
  • Copy the link to download the video
    When you are watching a video on a browser you’ll like to download it so just you can copy the link and paste it on KeepVid.
copy the link
Copy the link
  • Download multiple videos at one time
    You can download as many videos as you want just at one time.
Multiple videos at one time
Multiple videos at one time
  • Built-in Web Browser and Search Video Directly
    KeepVid has it’s on a browser that allows a user to search and download directly from its own browser.
KeepVid browser
KeepVid browser
  • Share it
    When the download has finished so, you can share it with your friends.
Share it
Share it

Download YouTube Videos with KeepVid Android:

KeepVid Android is not on Google Play Store, as all video downloading apps are forbidden by Google’s copyright concern. KeepVid Android is safe and doesn’t have virus or malware.

1. Open your browser on your device and search for KeepVid or directly click on the link to download KeepVid video downloader for Android.

Download KeepVid
Download KeepVid

2. When the downloaded finished, go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources (Allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources) make sure you have turned it on.

Turn on Unknow sources
Turn on Unknow sources

3. Install the app that you downloaded it and Launch the app after installation, and you’ll see the thumbnails of video sharing sites in its main interface.

KeepVid Interface
KeepVid Interface

4. Tap the YouTube icon, and the app will go to YouTube. Now search for the video you want to download, and you’ll see the download icon at the lower-right bottom of the main interface.

Download icon

Download icon

5. Now tap the download icon, and you can select the video quality you need in the pop-up dialog.

Select the quality

Select the quality

6. The app will start downloading the video. When the downloading process starts, you can see the downloading process in the downloading tab.

Download begins
Download begins

7. When the app finishes downloading YouTube videos, you can find the downloaded video in Downloaded tab.


So that’s how KeepVid Android helps to download YouTube videos. This app can download videos fast and is free to use, so it can be regarded as the best Android app to download YouTube videos.

Free youtube to mp4 online downloader tool


When Using a Mobile-Friendly Website is Better Solution?

Do you know about the mobile-friendly website? The impact of the iPhone on the world we live in was more significant than anyone would have expected. What seemed like an unpractical, novel device with a huge screen and no physical buttons has become a new standard for mobile telephony, influencing everything from the way we play to the way we navigate online. Few people know that it’s the iPhone’s “fault” that mobile broadband has evolved faster than expected, and that free WiFi is available in so many locations thanks to it. At the same time, smartphones have opened up a new frontier for businesses to expand to, leading to the creation of a series of mobile-only products and services over time.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Over the years, the “app” has become a kind of a buzz word. A lot like during the “dot-com” bubble in the 1990s, now an incredible number of startups try to build their services around smartphone apps. Which is not a surprise, considering that there are around 3 billion active smartphones in the world, and their numbers will most likely continue to grow in the coming years. There’s an ongoing debate about how appropriate it is to deploy a service in the form of an app. Many consider that, depending on the situation, a different solution might be desirable: the use of a web app.

Mobile-friendly Website - Tactig
Mobile-friendly Website – Tactig

When Cross-Platform is the Goal

Developers usually prefer apps to web apps because they are easier to monetize. When it comes to services that are not ad-supported, and they don’t rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue, the creation of a native app is not justified. One of these cases is real money gaming, an industry that has been offering its customers a cross-platform web app since 2012.

A Euro Palace mobile casino app user will be able to load the gaming platform without any issues on any smartphone, no matter what operating system it is running. The games at the Euro Palace Mobile are optimized to run on a great variety of devices, so playing them on an older handset with limited capabilities is not an issue either. To make things even better, the Euro Palace Mobile can be accessed from basically any web browser capable of running HTML5 content – this makes it accessible to users of the desktop PCs, the smart TVs, and the gaming consoles, too. They don’t need to download and install anything since all the action happens inside the web browser window. Of course, the Euro Palace is not relying on ads or in-app purchases for revenues.

When an app is simply too much

Smartphone apps are justified in many situations but not all of them. In the case of a blog or an online newspaper, for example, an app can even be too much. Unless the app offers some extra functionality to its users, simply visiting the publication’s website will do the trick for the majority of visitors. Considering how expensive the creation of a smartphone app can be – a simple app that does nothing but reads the publication’s RSS feed can cost hundreds of dollars – deploying an app for an online publication is, simply put, overkill.

The same money spent on improving the publication’s mobile browser version can ensure a much better experience for smartphone users, keeping them returning for more.


3 Apps to Make Your Flight Seem Shorter

Flights can be extremely boring. The time spent waiting to board, the time spent waiting for your luggage to arrive, and everything in between can be a pain in the behind – and sometimes this is literally true, as science still has to give us the perfect aeroplane seat. There is something that science has already given us, though: a bunch of travel apps to make your flight better. Smartphones are incredibly widespread today, and there are plenty of apps that can contribute to your wellbeing even during the most boring transatlantic flight you can imagine.

Long and Extremely Boring Flights
Long and Extremely Boring Flights

Sleep-Inducing Flight Apps

One of the best things you can do during a boring flight is sleep – especially if you’re going to spend long hours on board. What if you have trouble sleeping, though? There are so many of us that can’t fall asleep on a hotel bed, let alone on an aeroplane seat, surrounded by people snoring, talking, and doing all kinds of (annoying) things. Luckily, as Steve Jobs put it back in the day, there’s an app for that – actually, there are several apps.

One of the best-known sleep inducing mobile apps is Sleep Genius. Based on research done for NASA looking for ways to help astronauts sleep, Sleep Genius can help you fall asleep even if the conditions are not ideal thanks to its Relaxation Program. If sleeping through the flight is your goal, it will help you achieve just that.

Casual games

Casual games that can keep you occupied for hours? As you might expect, there’s “an” app for that, too. From simple games like 2048 and Infinity Loop to the complex game library of the Royal Vegas Casino, smartphone games can help you shorten even the longest flight. The Royal Vegas Mobile has a large collection of over 100 titles for its players, and you won’t even have to download an app: all Royal Vegas games run comfortably in a mobile web browser window. It has everything a gaming enthusiast might ask for: slot machines, card games, and other fun games for you to play.

eBook Readers

There are many ebook reader apps out there, which makes it hard to choose the best. Today, I’ll introduce you to a relatively new addition to the world of e-reader apps, one that’s powerful in its simplicity: the Prestigio eReader app. The Android-exclusive reader can handle most ebook and audiobook formats, it has text-to-speech capabilities for those who prefer printed books to be read to them aloud, a series of custom options to tweak its look and feel, and even cloud storage support, so you won’t ever have to be separated from your library.


5 Ways to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

The Android devices have an official market which is called Google Play Store. This store provides every kind of Applications for users that most of them are free but some of them are paid apps. The Google Play Store has lots of categories and till now it remains as the best market for Android devices. Android is completely a free open source therefore, you can install and use the third party apps or markets on it. The third party apps make an easy way to easily download paid android apps for free.

The third party apps help us to save our credit and not to use them for a temporary apps or games. It changes the negative points to a positive point. So there are many markets that can provide your needs or your favorite apps but sometimes the thing that you want might not be found in there. As my experiences of using these third party apps on my Android devices so I put every single guide on here for you to use them and get the advantages of them.

5 Ways to Download Paid Android Apps For Free

These five markets are the best store for Android devices to download paid Android apps for free. They are compatible with all Android OS version and everything you want is there. Even you can download Google Play Store applications through them and it let you achieve what you want and so much more…

Google prevents installing third party apps on Android devices so, before commencing the installation of these third party markets follow the steps:

Go to Settings > Security > Unknow Sources


Turn it On. Unknown sources allow installation of applications from both trusted and non-trusted one. When it’s done, feel free and start downloading.

1. Appdroid

Appdroid is one of the perfect markets which has many users. Users can find any variety of apps and games. Appdroid is compatible with all Android OS version and users can directly download any apps without any account or any bill.



Download Appdroid APK

2. Aptoide

Aptoide is a famous market and users are using it but there are many apps that can’t be found in it. It’s a place that includes different types of store and users can add as many stores as they want. This market is also compatible with your Android device.



Download Aptoide APK

3. Blackmart

Blackmart is a market alternative to the Google Play Store for both Android smartphones and tablets. Applications are free in here without any credit and any extra account. You can find every type of apps and games in here without any limitation.


Download Blackmart APK

4. AppVN

AppVN store is not only for Android but also it’s for iOS and Windows phone too. This store requires a free account which you can add an email, username with a password and start your downloading. AppVN got a little secret and on next article, I will a publish an article about it.



Download AppVN APK

5. Amazon

The Amazon Underground app includes enhanced features and access to content that isn’t available on the Amazon Shopping app found on Google Play. Underground combines Amazon’s best mobile shopping experience with instant streaming of Amazon Instant Video PLUS thousands of pounds in apps, games, and even in-app items that are actually free. Unlimited lives, levels, upgrades – everything. Shop for millions of digital and physical products in Amazon’s catalog and manage your orders from anywhere. Optimized for your mobile phone, Underground allows you to quickly search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and make purchases securely.

 Amazon undrerground

Amazon underground

Download Amazon Underground APK

Hope it could help you and you could install your favorite apps or games. Feel free and give your feedback thanks.


Initial Configuration of Group Policy Procedure

The Group Policy (GP) is the center of change and configuration features in Windows operating system. Also, You can specify settings for both users and computers inside your network. Settings include registry-based policies, security, script, and software installation.

Group Policy affects groups of users or computers. Hence it is called Group Policy. You simply make a policy and link the policy to an OU (Organizational Unit). Also, you link a policy to the domain. When you link a policy to the domain, it applies the policy settings on all computers and users in the entire domain.

Furthermore, if you don’t want the policy affect a specific user or computer, you can do that.

Consequently, policy affects users when they log on to the domain. It affects computers when they start. Of course, when computers are started, and users are working, group policy can affect them. Users just open the Command Prompt and run the “gpupdate” command. The policy would be applied to them.

Topics covered in this article

  • Group policy Advantages
  • Group Policy Management Console
    • Create Group Policy Object (GPO)
    • Link GPO to an OU
  • Group Policy Management Editor
    • Computer Settings
    • User Settings
    • Edit GPO

Group Policy Advantages

  • Control User Experience: It seems like you can make any kind of changes on desktop computers. For example you can lock the Taskbar, Control Panel, etc. Nobody can open the Control Panel or unlock the Taskbar. No one can escape the policy except the people you specify.
  • Configure Security: You specify how people should choose passwords for themselves. How many characters the password should have. In addition, you force users to change there password after an specific period of time and many more security settings.
  • Configure System: Administrator force the computers to use the printer they want. You specify which radius server they can use and many more system configurations.
  • Install Software: Administrator easily can install software through group policy.
  • Run Script: Administrator can write an script and apply the script on users and computers. For example administrator makes an script to restart computers at specific time.

Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)

GPMC is Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. GPMC is an scriptbale MMC snap-in. It provides a tool for centralized Group Policy in the network. In addition, it is the standard tool that Microsoft recommends to administrators.

Group Pollicy Management Console
Group Pollicy Management Console

While opened, expand Forest>Domains. Almost you see all the domain components. You can only see the OUs, not the users and computers that are inside the OU. For example, you see the OU itself not the users inside the OU.

In the left pane of GPM Console, you see Group Policy Objects. If you click on, all policies are visible there.

Create GPO

Group Policy Object (GPO) is collection of settings. In addition it defines how computers look and how they behave for specific group of users and computers. For example you define a group to have a special background image. You apply the policy, as a result of applying policy, the image will be applied on their desktops. It is not a matter which desktop a user logs on from. It means from every desktop computer they log in, the image will be applied on the background.

1. For creating a GPO, First of all, right-click on Group Policy Objects on the left pane. Select New option. A window pops up.

Create New GPO
Create New GPO

2. Type a name for the GPO you are creating. While finished click on OK button to close the window.

New GPO Name
New GPO Name

in the window, you can see the GPO you just created.

Link GPO to an OU

While done with creating new GPO, it is the time to link the GPO to an OU. If you don’t link it to an OU or the entire domain, it won’t work.

1. Right-click on an OU. Select Link an Existing GPO. It means you want to link this OU to a group policy object.

Link GPO to OU
Link GPO to OU

2. Select the group policy that you want to apply on the OU. While selected, click on OK button.

Select GPO
Select GPO

Group Policy Management Editor (GP Editor)

Group Policy Management Editor is a tool that helps administrators to manage policy settings. When you do settings using GP Editor, settings are stored in GPO to be applied on computers and users.

GP Editor has two different kinds of settings for computers and users. Computer Configuration is affecting computers and User Configuration affects users.

Group Policy Management Editor
Group Policy Management Editor

When administrators create a GP object, they add some settings to that. So, for editing GP object, right-click on the GP object and select Edit.

Edit GPO
Edit GPO

The new window which opens is GP Editor. Do the settings whether for computers or users. While done, close the window. If GP object is not linked to an OU, link it. If already linked, it applies to users and computers from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. If you are in hurry, just tell your clients to update the policy running the GP update command line on their Command Prompts.

Group Policy Management Editor
GP Editor


Finally, you learned a few things about GP which will be really needed for our further lessons. For any kind of question, feel free and leave a comment.

Thank you for reading the post.

iOS Mobile

How to Fix Frozen iPhone After iOS 10 Update?

My iPhone 6s froze after I upload newest update (I believe ios 10?).  Plugged my phone into computer and clicked to update. I left the phone to upload for a couple hours and returned to see the black screen with white apple logo, and also see that thin upload bar, which seems to have gone across the phone — looks like the upload should be finished. But the phone is frozen. What should I do? Please help!

                                                                                                                                  –A user from Apple Communities

Every time a fresh iOS version pops up, it keeps reminding you to update, so does iOS 10. However, it is also common that iPhone easily gets frozen after iOS 10 update. Is there any way to fix iPhone 7 (Plus)/SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5/4s/4 freezes after update? Here I would like to introduce you the way that really fixes it. Go on and get the answer!


Way 1. Hard Reset Your iPhone

Way 2. Fix iPhone Freezing with iCareFone


Way1. Hard Reset Your iPhone

To know how to hard reset your iPhone and get it restarted would be really helpful if you want to handle the common iOS stuck problem by yourself. It is easy, fast and simple to learn; also you can recommend it to your friends.

Keep pressing the Home and the Power button at the same time until you see the Apple logo appears again. Then release these two buttons and your iPhone would boot up successfully and work in normal situation. Try it!

Hard Reset iPhone
Restart iPhone 

Way2. Fix iPhone Freezing with iCareFone

If unluckily the method above still cannot meet your demands, or you want a tool to have all-rounded protection and optimization to your iPhone, then you are highly recommended to try on this toolkit—Tenorshare iCareFone! It fixes iPhone stuck during/after iOS 10/8.1/8/7 upgrade, restore or jailbreak. Also you can fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode/iTunes screen/Apple logo, etc. With its strong utility and features, it is really worthwhile to have a try.

Step1. Download iCareFone (Free) and launch it, then connect your iPhone with PC with a USB cable. Go to “Fix iOS Stuck”.

Fix iOS Stuck
Fix iOS Stuck

Step2. Then click the button “Enter Recovery Mode”, and you can see your device display the classic USB and iTunes logo, meaning that you’ve get into recovery mode successfully yet.

Get into Recovery Mode
Get into Recovery Mode


Step3. Then click on the button “Exit Recovery Mode”. Your iPhone will reboot automatically and revive.

Exit Recovery Mode
Exit Recovery Mode

Here are two ways I recommend to fix iPhone frozen during/after iOS update. For more, you can refer to the website of Tenorshare, where you can find many useful tips and tricks for your iPhone daily use.

iOS Mobile

Hard Drive Data Recovery – Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

Why do you need Hard Drive data recovery?

No matter what hard drive you may be using- there is no way to shield yourself completely from any type of data loss. It is not just hard disk crashes that lead to data loss- but a number of other situations as well. In fact, one of the most common reasons for losing data is accidentally deleting it on your own. There are times when you think that you do not need a particular file or folder- only to realize the exact opposite later on.

While deleting/resizing hard drive partitions, even the smallest of mistakes can have disastrous consequences. One wrong click and all your data is gone. A number of viruses and Trojans over the internet can wreck havoc with your data. The point here is that you should be prepared for such situations- no matter how careful you are. This is where the need for a complete hard drive data recovery comes in.

Hard Drive data Recovery Software Recommended

Trusted by more than 500,000,000 users worldwide, Wondershare Data Recovery is the name you can depend on when it comes to all your data recovery needs. This hard drive data recovery software can detect and recover more than 550 file formats, thus ensuring that there is no file type that you cannot recover. Its various recovery modules are designed to adapt and work in any data recovery scenario.

One of the most unique and useful features that Wondershare Data Recovery offers is the ability to preview recoverable files. This helps you to restore only those files that you need while doing hard drive data recovery. You can also save the scan results and resume the data recovery process at any other time as per your convenience. The tool has a user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to recover files from your hard disk.

With Wondershare Data Recovery, you do not need any special knowledge to get back your files. The Standard Recovery Mode gives you the choice to recover particular types of files from specific locations. All these features add to making the recovery process more useful. You just need to follow the simple steps highlighted ahead.

Recover hard drive data with Wondershare Data Recovery

First, go to the Wondershare Data Recovery website and download the setup for Windows version by clicking on ‘Try it for free’. Run the setup, follow the steps on-screen and complete the installation.


WonderShare Data-Recovery Website
WonderShare Data-Recovery Website -Tactig


Step 1: Select the Wondershare Data Recovery Standard Mode

When Wondershare Data Recovery starts, the recovery wizard launches by default. Click on the “Standard Mode” at the bottom of the screen to start hard drive data recovery in the standard mode.

WonderShare Data-Recovery Wizard
WonderShare Data-Recovery Wizard -Tactig

Step 2: Recovery Module Selection

Based on how you lost your files, you have to choose the corresponding recovery mode from this screen. Your choices and what they are used for are as follows:

  1. Lost File Recovery: If you deleted your files or formatted the hard drive, then attempt recovery using this mode.
  2. Partition Recovery: If you are trying to find a lost/resized/deleted partition on your hard drive, then go with Partition Recovery.
  3. Raw File Recovery: If a previous can is not able to find your files, then choose Raw File Recovery
  4. Resume Recovery: If you have saved the results of a previous scan, then select this option to resume recovery from it.
Recover lost files -Tactig
Recover lost files -Tactig

Step 3: Select the type of file that Wondershare Data Recovery should look for

Do you have a specific file type to recover? Select the appropriate option from this screen, else go with ‘All File Types’.

Select types of files You Want to Recover -Tactig
Select types of files You Want to Recover -Tactig

Step 4: Select the location to perform hard drive data recovery

This screen will prompt you to enter the location where it is to look for lost/deleted files. For hard drive data recovery, you can go with ‘In a specified location’ or the ‘I can’t remember’ option.

Where did you lose your files
Where did you lose your files

Step 5: Enabling the Deep Scan

Deep Scan is specially for formatted recovery. The files recovered have their folder structure intact when Deep Scan Mode is enabled. Enabling this option will also increase the time Wondershare Data Recovery takes to scan your hard drive for lost/deleted files. Once you have made the choice here, just click on ‘Start’ to let the hard drive data recovery software scan the drive.

Enable Deep-Scan
Enable Deep-Scan

 Step 6: Recovering your hard drive data

The scan may take a while to completes, which varies with the recovery mode, size of hard drive and a few other factors. It will compete and display a list of all the recoverable files on screen. You can preview these files to see which of these are required, select and recover them.

You also have the option of saving the scan results and using them for recovery later on. To save the results, just click on the ‘Save Scan’ button.

Scanning & Recovering lost files
Scanning & Recovering lost files

Tips for Hard Drive Data Recovery

With these simple steps and easy to use tool, hard drive data recovery is no more a hassle. With a few basic measures, you can not only speed up and make the process more efficient, but also prevent your data from loss in the future.

  • When you recover files from your hard drive, do not save them in the same location they were recovered from. This could lead to overwriting and make the other files unrecoverable.
  • If you lose/delete any files that you may need later, do not add any new data to the hard drive before you recover your files.
  • In case of files lost due to virus/Trojan attacks, use a good antivirus to scan the hard drive before you perform recovery.
  • Save the scan results from the hard drive data recovery software to make recovery faster in the future.

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is available too- and it gives the same great results in hard drive data recovery. With this range of features, ease of use and efficiency, there is little that you have to worry about. This data recovery tool will do all that is needed to keep your hard drive’s data safe from loss!

iOS Mobile

No More iTunes- The best music management for iOS and Android

There are many things where Apple products and services are among the best choices. However- when it comes to music, iTunes certainly is not the best of choices that you have. For those who like to keep their music organized, and spend more time listening to it than managing it, there is a need of a more smarter, easy to use and efficient music manager. The same is true for Android smartphone users as well (the default music players there are not as great either).

This is where TunesGo comes in. If you are looking for a powerful and robust music manager for iOS (or Android); then TunesGo is one of the best choices that you have. With a host of features, this music management solution is available on both Mac and Windows. TunesGo is not just a music player- it is your one-stop solution for a faster and more efficient smartphone. Not only can you use it for managing all your music, but also a host of other things- including backing up all essential information on your phone, transferring data between devices and even rooting your Android device.

What does TunesGo come with?

If you have not used TunesGo before, then you are missing out on a lot of great features that can make your life better. A few of the great features that you get with the music management capabilities of TunesGo are explained ahead.

 Transfer from any Computer to any iDevice/Android

With TunesGo, there are no compatibility issues. You can transfer music stored in any PC- Mac or Windows, to any iOS and Android device. This includes both iPhones and iPods, as well as all Android smartphones and tablets.

 Supports Media in 30+ Different Formats

TunesGo takes over the issue of different formats as well. With compatibility for over 30 different audio and video formats, there is nothing to stop you. Transfer your favorite songs and videos between devices without any hassle.

Two-Way Synchronization – The Complete Music Management Solution

One of the biggest limitations of iTunes is that you can only use it for one-way synchronization- it will ensure that the files in your PC are present in your iDevice, and not the other way around. However, TunesGo is a smarter solution, for it lets you sync your media between devices both ways. Thus, it lets you ensure that music can be copied to and from your mobile and PCs, without doing anything to the existing files. Your music library can be seamlessly transferred and stored on different devices.

Fix ID3 tags for iOS/Android/iPod devices

TunesGo fixes all ID3 tags on iOS as well as Android devices, covering data such as the album artwork, ratings, playback counts and so on. For the ones who like to have a complete and well-managed playlist, this is one of the best features in the tool. You also have the freedom to edit and modify the information about various tracks as desired.

One-click management of duplicate files with the De-Duplicate Button

At times, it may happen that the same track may have a few duplicates present in the device. You can fix an issue like this using the De-Duplicate button. Not only does this remove the unnecessary clutter in your playlist, but it also helps you save on that precious storage space on your devices.

TunesGo Functionality Review

If you are wondering whether to use TunesGo or not, then a review of the full-scale of functions that TunesGo offers will help you make the right choice.

Transfer media, SMS and contacts between different Android and iOS devices (and also amongst each other)

With TunesGo, transferring your photos, videos, audio, messages and contacts is simplified. You can transfer it between Android and iOS devices, and also between different iOS or Android devices. There are no compatibility or conversion issues, for TunesGo takes care of them all on its own.

Efficient backup and restoration of all your mobile data

The only foolproof way to protect yourself from data loss is to regularly backup the data. With TunesGo, you can backup all your mobile data- including media, SMS and contacts; and restore it to your phone whenever the need arises.

Picture to GIF conversion

TunesGo also has image to GIF conversion compatibilities. You can create a GIF from images in just a few clicks.

Use your iPhone as a USB disk

While using Android phones as a mass storage device is possible, this feature is not there in iPhone. However, with TunesGo, your iPhone becomes capable of that as well- use your iPhone as a mass storage device as needed.

Root your Android device with 1-click

Rooting an Android device removes all restrictions on it, thus giving the user more power and freedom to utilize the device. With TunesGo, rooting can be done safely and in just 1-click. This takes away the risk of your device being bricked or experiencing any other issues while rooting.

Backup your Android phone’s texts

Are you changing to a new Android device? Or do you simply like to keep a backup of the essential information? Whatever the case may be, with TunesGo, you can backup all your SMSes from your Android device in just a few clicks.

Is TunesGo worth it?

Thus, it is obvious that TunesGo is more than just your average music player. It comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which ensures that you can perform all the tasks without any complications. By using TunesGo, you can help your device be faster and more organized, and also ensure that all your important data is protected in case of any issues with your smartphone.

It is safe to say that TunesGo is a must have app for anyone who uses a smartphone. With compatibility for both Mac and Windows users, there is little that cannot be done by using TunesGo. Not only is it an alternative to iTunes- but is also the smarter way to protect and organize the data on your smartphone by spending minimal time.