No More iTunes- The best music management for iOS and Android

There are many things where Apple products and services are among the best choices. However- when it comes to music, iTunes certainly is not the best of choices that you have. For those who like to keep their music organized, and spend more time listening to it than managing it, there is a need of a more smarter, easy to use and efficient music manager. The same is true for Android smartphone users as well (the default music players there are not as great either).

This is where TunesGo comes in. If you are looking for a powerful and robust music manager for iOS (or Android); then TunesGo is one of the best choices that you have. With a host of features, this music management solution is available on both Mac and Windows. TunesGo is not just a music player- it is your one-stop solution for a faster and more efficient smartphone. Not only can you use it for managing all your music, but also a host of other things- including backing up all essential information on your phone, transferring data between devices and even rooting your Android device.

What does TunesGo come with?

If you have not used TunesGo before, then you are missing out on a lot of great features that can make your life better. A few of the great features that you get with the music management capabilities of TunesGo are explained ahead.

 Transfer from any Computer to any iDevice/Android

With TunesGo, there are no compatibility issues. You can transfer music stored in any PC- Mac or Windows, to any iOS and Android device. This includes both iPhones and iPods, as well as all Android smartphones and tablets.

 Supports Media in 30+ Different Formats

TunesGo takes over the issue of different formats as well. With compatibility for over 30 different audio and video formats, there is nothing to stop you. Transfer your favorite songs and videos between devices without any hassle.

Two-Way Synchronization – The Complete Music Management Solution

One of the biggest limitations of iTunes is that you can only use it for one-way synchronization- it will ensure that the files in your PC are present in your iDevice, and not the other way around. However, TunesGo is a smarter solution, for it lets you sync your media between devices both ways. Thus, it lets you ensure that music can be copied to and from your mobile and PCs, without doing anything to the existing files. Your music library can be seamlessly transferred and stored on different devices.

Fix ID3 tags for iOS/Android/iPod devices

TunesGo fixes all ID3 tags on iOS as well as Android devices, covering data such as the album artwork, ratings, playback counts and so on. For the ones who like to have a complete and well-managed playlist, this is one of the best features in the tool. You also have the freedom to edit and modify the information about various tracks as desired.

One-click management of duplicate files with the De-Duplicate Button

At times, it may happen that the same track may have a few duplicates present in the device. You can fix an issue like this using the De-Duplicate button. Not only does this remove the unnecessary clutter in your playlist, but it also helps you save on that precious storage space on your devices.

TunesGo Functionality Review

If you are wondering whether to use TunesGo or not, then a review of the full-scale of functions that TunesGo offers will help you make the right choice.

Transfer media, SMS and contacts between different Android and iOS devices (and also amongst each other)

With TunesGo, transferring your photos, videos, audio, messages and contacts is simplified. You can transfer it between Android and iOS devices, and also between different iOS or Android devices. There are no compatibility or conversion issues, for TunesGo takes care of them all on its own.

Efficient backup and restoration of all your mobile data

The only foolproof way to protect yourself from data loss is to regularly backup the data. With TunesGo, you can backup all your mobile data- including media, SMS and contacts; and restore it to your phone whenever the need arises.

Picture to GIF conversion

TunesGo also has image to GIF conversion compatibilities. You can create a GIF from images in just a few clicks.

Use your iPhone as a USB disk

While using Android phones as a mass storage device is possible, this feature is not there in iPhone. However, with TunesGo, your iPhone becomes capable of that as well- use your iPhone as a mass storage device as needed.

Root your Android device with 1-click

Rooting an Android device removes all restrictions on it, thus giving the user more power and freedom to utilize the device. With TunesGo, rooting can be done safely and in just 1-click. This takes away the risk of your device being bricked or experiencing any other issues while rooting.

Backup your Android phone’s texts

Are you changing to a new Android device? Or do you simply like to keep a backup of the essential information? Whatever the case may be, with TunesGo, you can backup all your SMSes from your Android device in just a few clicks.

Is TunesGo worth it?

Thus, it is obvious that TunesGo is more than just your average music player. It comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which ensures that you can perform all the tasks without any complications. By using TunesGo, you can help your device be faster and more organized, and also ensure that all your important data is protected in case of any issues with your smartphone.

It is safe to say that TunesGo is a must have app for anyone who uses a smartphone. With compatibility for both Mac and Windows users, there is little that cannot be done by using TunesGo. Not only is it an alternative to iTunes- but is also the smarter way to protect and organize the data on your smartphone by spending minimal time.

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