How to Install Ubuntu 15.10 on VMware?

Ubuntu is a free open operating system which runs in all devices including smartphones, tablets. It’s one of the most popular OS which contains a wide range of software and apps. You can try this on your computer or VMware for experiencing with all default programs, so to install ubuntu use the following steps.

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Install Ubuntu on VMware

Firstly you have to install Vmware, you can install it from here, that’s ok if you have installed before.

Now to start the installation process of Ubuntu, you need to download the ISO image from here.

To download ubuntu: Go to>Download>Ubuntu Desktop> Select 32-bit and click Download. After the download finished, so you’re ready to install let’s go.

#1. Open Vmware and click on File>New Virtual Machine(Ctrl+N) then select Typical(Recommended) click Next.

New VM wizard

#2. Select installer disk image (iso) then click browse and choose the ubuntu iso image and click Next.

Select ISO Image file

The system will automatically detect it.

#3. Now specify the OS by selecting the type and version and click Next.


Specify OS


#4. Name the virtual machine then select a location to install there and click Next.

Name the VM

#5. Now specify the disk capacity or let it by default then click Next.’

Specify Disk

#6. The virtual machine is ready to use now, click customize if you want to change or add something then click Finish to start the virtual machine.

Create VM

After the virtual machine started, wait about 20 minutes (Depends on your computer) to let ubuntu start.

#7. When the loading finished, enter a password and hit enter.

The password you enter will be created for all time.


And that’s it, all right you’re all done. The operating system has installed successfully and the keyboard shortcuts has appeared on the screen to make you use it easier.

Installing Ubuntu

Click on close then start using ubuntu and enjoy. If you like using ubuntu then you can do the steps above to install it on your computer but before installing make sure that you have the iso image file and your USB drive is bootable if you don’t know how to create a bootable USB flash drive then click here.

Ok, there you go if you have any question feel free to ask us through comment.


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