How to Hack Any Social or Game Account Easily?

The days have gone that hacking was an art that hackers could hack, it’s time to wake up and do them all yourself without having to train or studied about them because this has become as easy as you imagined, means without kali Linux or any other complicated OS or program. Hmm.. sounds confusing yea? Yes of course, but let me tell you one thing that when you’ll learn this then, of course, you will thank me later. This is nor simple either easy to use that can be counted one of the simplest tactics, therefore, I would like to mention and take a look at it. Actually, here you don’t need anything install or download anything, also notice that to use it for educational purpose and never do fake or use for any worse action, I hope you all get all my articles in their positive form and share them with your friends too, so let’s get started.

Hack Any Social or Game Account Easily without Kali Linux

The way to hack without kali Linux, sometimes are more complicated than it, lol, I know what you are thinking. Now you’re being more and more interested also more and more excited to start so I won’t broke it up and get started.

By using this method, you can’t hack directly but similar to it, so let’s start.

1. Open browser whether Chrome or Mozilla and visit Google type Z-shadow and click on the first result.


2. As soon as the site loaded, click Sign up on the front welcome page.


4. Once you entered in the sign-up form, fill out the blanks with the required information and click Sign up.

Sign up Form
Sign up Form

5. When the sign up completed, now log in with your credentials and you will see the home page. Here scroll down and you’ll see the social & game accounts also you can see the links beside them in four languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, French), so at this point you just need to first select which account you want to hack then copy the link from there and send it to your friend.

Notice: Only use for the educational purpose, never use for any worse purpose.

Link Copy
Link Copy

Now send it to your friend, you can send it from anywhere you want whether from facebook or any other. When your friend clicks on the link, it will redirect to a page and ask him/her account login credentials, after entering the credentials you’ll have the username and password of the account successfully check the next step to know how.

Hack Studying
Send Link

6. Ok, after your friend enters the account credentials, you’ll receive it soon, so to see it, click on My victims from the menu and you will see the username and password of your victims like the shot below.

My Victims
My Victims

And that’s what you needed, also, here you can create a custom own fake page that if someone clicks on the link and log in with his account then, of course, the account will be hacked and appear the username and password of the account. So to do that I need you comments first tell me how was it and could you do this. Ok, if you have any question or suggestion, idea, feedback share with us freely.

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This cannot be used to hack games such as ROBLOX and games like it. However, it can be used to hack into IMVU, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I see this works for IMVU, however, it doesn’t work for games such as ROBLOX, Animal Jam, Movie Star Planet, etc. For anyone who still visits this page to check on the comments, this is an answer. Why am I giving the answer? Simply because no one else seems to wish to do so. This way of hacking does not work on ROBLOX, Animal Jam, Movie Star Planet, Wizard101, Pirate101, and/or any other major games as I am writing this comment. It works for Facebook games, IMVU, Instagram profiles, Fake Facebook profiles, and a few more. In order to get the information you desire for ROBLOX or any other game you’re trying to hack into, you may need to get creative with the resources this article has provided to you. I suppose that is all for now,

Can you hake a online game of Clash of clans for me because that person has hacked my account I just want to recover my account back

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