How to Find Saved WiFi Passwords in Windows 10?

There are many reasons to know saved wifi passwords because no one will give their wifi passwords as easy as you want. No matter whatever they say or do with their Wifi passwords, once you’ll be connected to it then it means that you’ve saved wifi passwords of them on your windows. In this article, I will be showing you how to get/ find saved wifi passwords on Windows 10, even if you’re connected or not.

This is exactly easy for me and will be for you as well but before knowing this it’s really hard to bear as happened to me when I was going to the relatives home. So let’s get started.

Find WiFi Password You’re Connected to

At the first we will know how to find wifi password you’re connected to whether at home or anywhere else, then we will look towards finding saved wifi passwords on Windows.

So before getting started, make sure you’ve connected to a Wifi and is working fine.

1. Right click on the wifi and select Open Network and Sharing Center, when the network sharing center opened just click on your wifi name from connections.

Network And Sharing Center
Network And Sharing Center

2. Now click on Wireless Properties and select Security tab and click on Show characters.

And boom you’ve found the wifi password more easily than cracking the password.

Wireless Network Properties
Wireless Network Properties

That was all about finding wifi password you’re connected and now it’s time to get the saved wifi passwords you’ve connected before and is not now connected.

Find Saved WiFi Passwords You’ve Connected Before

Ok, now that you’ve got to find wifi password you’re connected, its turn to know the saved wifi passwords you’ve connected before and can’t access them. This is either easy as finding connected wifi password so don’t worry just learn.

 At the first here, you’ve to know all wifi networks you’ve connected so to do that:

1. Open Command Prompt(CMD) or PowerShell and type:

Netsh WLAN show profiles

Windows PowerShell -Show Wifi's
Windows PowerShell -Show Wifi’s

2. Now it’s time to turn your command into password, so to do this first select the network you want to see the password and then type:

Netsh WLAN show profile name=Tenda_0B9160 key=clear

This is it, after entering the command you will successfully see the password with other information like the shot below.

Find Saved Wifi passwords you've connected before
Windows PowerShell -Show Password

Ok, this was all about finding both (connected and unconnected method of finding wifi passwords. If you have any question regarding this ask me by a comment.

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