How to Enable and Use Hot keys on Samsung Smartphones?

The Hot Keys is an efficient feature that can be only found in Samsung keyboards. Hot Keys let you assign a sentence or a phrase to a keyboard number key as a text shortcut. It’ll make your job very easy and soon, instead of wasting time on someone’s email address, URL, Company name or anything that you type repeatedly it’s good to have a shortcut text key for that also we can define that Hotkeys is a key or a combination of keys providing quick access to a particular function within a computer program. Next time, when you’re in an app or screen where you can enter text, you can easily enter that preset sentence or phrase simply by long tapping the assigned number key, avoid wasting time on typing words you use it every day.

Enable Hotkeys on Samsung Smartphones

There are no longer steps that you can’t do it, that’ll take a few steps to enable this feature in your Samsung smartphones. To assign a sentence or phrase to a keyboard number key as a text shortcut you actually access to the Settings of your phone.

1. Go to > Settings > System > Language and input > Samsung keyboard > Smart typing >  turn on my Hotkeys.

my hotkeys
my hotkeys

When you’ve finished these process then you’ll get to the Hotkeys screen. Now assign the sentence or the phrase that you need or you have just worked on it every day. There are nine numbers and you can assign a phrase or a sentence into one of them separately.

Note: You can’t assign two phrases or two sentences in one key because when you want to use them then both will appear. It’ll take your time to clear one of them and use one, it’s good to have one phrase for one key.


Use Hot keys on Samsung Smartphones

When you’ve set Hotkeys on your Samsung smartphone but the matter is how you can you use the assign phrases or sentences? So, as you’ve done the assigning, now you can use them in every keyboard jut by long tapping on the number key. In every keyboard, how?

Instance, when you open a browser the keyboard will appear, directly you can use the assigned URL and access to it or you want to compose a letter, also, also you can use the assigned one and in messages or Facebook as well and…

Use Hot keys

Hope it would be informative and interesting, if you have any question regarding this, I am ready to accept that.


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