How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10?

Everyone wants to work or open an app or program by shortcut and while using Windows you might not have found out this. Actually, you can do it in Windows and create keyboard shortcuts for a specific app or program. As keyboards are always useable and easy to run a program or app like: Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Control Panel, VLC Media Player and all. There’s nothing worst than being unknown of a shortcut that you want to open an app that is not findable easily and realizing that you hadn’t created keyboard shortcuts in Windows but now it’s much easily to do it and also create the shortcut with the keys however you want, let’s get started.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

1. Open Start Menu by pressing windows key and select an app to make a shortcut for it then right click on it and click Open File Location.

Open file location
Open file location

2. Now right click on the app icon and select Properties, when the properties opened, select Shortcut tab and on the front of shortcut key click and enter a shortcut that you prefer for this to open then click Ok.

Create Shortcut
Create Shortcut

When the shortcut created, try the shortcut keys and you’ll see the app pop up like the shot below.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Ok, that’s it, finding more like this article? Yes, it’s not up till now, follow up our coming articles and you’ll get more and more tips and tricks.


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