How to Do a Full Backup & Restore Samsung Phones?

The act of deleting and losing files occasionally happens especially of smartphones. There is no guarantee of them anytime but it’s good to know about the way to rescue them from any kind of situation. In this era, the smartphones have become as important as the oxygen for technology lovers. They can’t resist one minute without a phone and  also they store their data like photos, videos, contacts, schedule, messages, notes and etc.. to this small portable device. If your smartphone affected by any problem or it lost its data in, so at the time it’s to say goodbye to your whole data. There is nothing worse than losing everything on your phone and then realizing that you never backed anythings up. I recommend you to have a backup plan for your data in order to save them from losing or deleting.

Samsung Kies

The name K.I.E.S. originated as an acronym for “Key Intuitive Easy System”. After version 2.0, the name was shortened to “Kies”. The Samsung Kies connects your mobile phone to your PC, making it easier for you to synchronize data between devices and find new apps and also you can backup or restore your phone. When you connect your mobile device to Kies via a USB cable, you will be automatically notified of any updates to your device firmware that are available, you can download and install it easily.

Backup and Restore Samsung Phones via Kies

1. In the first step, download and install Samsung Kies from Samsung. When the app installed, now connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer via USB cable.


2. Once it connected then get to the Backup/Restore section. Select the files or data to backup or select all to backup everything.


3. When the backup finished successfully, you are done, now if you want to restore your smartphone, click on Restore section then select the files to restore then click on Restore then it will restore your phone but try to be patient because it will take some time depending on your data.


After the device restored, you can keep your files safe and be calm. If you’ve any question, suggestion regarding this, feel free to ask me.

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