How to Backup & Restore Android Phone

Backup is one of the most important ways to save your data whether it’s picture, audio, video or any documents and include all your files. In fact, backup is the only solution to assist yourself because if you take backup your data today you won’t be caring about it tomorrow. There is nothing worse than losing your data on your phone or computer and realizing you never backed up anything. Backup lets us restore Android phones.

We can’t guarantee our files, sometimes it may be lost or deleted during the factory reset or it might be erased by any virus or any other situation. These threats are natural so we should try to be strong and defense against them, it is necessary for Android users to have a backup plan for contents like call logs, contacts, music, movies, messages, Photos, and documents. So, In this article, I am going to show you how to backup and restore your android phone easily within just a few steps.

Backup and Restore Android Phone

Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is an outstanding tool that users can backup or restore their android phone data completely. Also, you can move data from one device to another throw it. Data transfers can also be done within a few steps even between different operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian OS. As it supports data, contacts, messages, pictures, call logs, music, videos and all apps are included but we will do it in our upcoming articles you can wait. Here we will have a backup and restore of your phone, so let’s get started.

Note: If your Smartphone is rooted, you can have a backup plan throw Titanium Backup.

1. Connect your android phone to PC and run Phone Transfer on your computer then choose Backup your Phone option.

Phone Transfer
Phone Transfer

2. Ok, now select the contents (Contacts, Messages, Photos, Audios, Videos….) to backup and click Start Transfer, select one by one or you can select all of them by simultaneously.

Backup Your Android Phone
Backup Phone

After starting transfer wait for several minutes(depending on your device data) and when the backup finished, click ok to backup/save the phone data completely on your computer.

Backuped Phone
Backed up Phone completely

3. Now to restore your phone,  go back to the home page by clicking on it and then click on Restore from Backups and select the method to restore.

Note: You can also restore your phone from another method like Kies, OneDrive & for iOS: iCloud, iTunes.

Restore Method
Restore Method

4. Here you have to choose the contents you want to restore and click Start Transfer.

Note: The restore will find backups on your computer automatically.

Restore phone
Restore phone

When all of your files transmitted to your phone then it will successfully restore and all the files will be copied to it.

So that’s it. If you have any question regarding this, you can share it freely with us.


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