About us

Welcome to Tactig, the free IT Traning center for beginners, our target is to provide fabulous IT, Hardware and software step by step tutorials to make easy understand to all properly. If you have any problem related to our tutorials or any other IT, Hardware or software problems we will love to solve it just fill out our Contact form and we will be in touch with you.

Our Story

Tactig begins in 2015 when I was newly entered to blogging world without experiences, I was getting and working without knowing what I am going to do but the thing which was too harsh for me was to search and can’t find my problems to solve so I decided to be a perfect blogger for all my friends, family and other users. When I found blogging and entered in blogging world I just became different person, I mean it changed my life even because it was my first biggest experience and big job to do in my life so I promised and get in it in order to solve all people’s problems and give them the best result in searching. So after getting many experiences I launched Tactig in 2015 in August for solving public problems.

Thanks for your patient for reading this, hope to see you on blog.

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