3 Apps to Make Your Flight Seem Shorter

Flights can be extremely boring. The time spent waiting to board, the time spent waiting for your luggage to arrive, and everything in between can be a pain in the behind – and sometimes this is literally true, as science still has to give us the perfect aeroplane seat. There is something that science has already given us, though: a bunch of travel apps to make your flight better. Smartphones are incredibly widespread today, and there are plenty of apps that can contribute to your wellbeing even during the most boring transatlantic flight you can imagine.

Long and Extremely Boring Flights
Long and Extremely Boring Flights

Sleep-Inducing Flight Apps

One of the best things you can do during a boring flight is sleep – especially if you’re going to spend long hours on board. What if you have trouble sleeping, though? There are so many of us that can’t fall asleep on a hotel bed, let alone on an aeroplane seat, surrounded by people snoring, talking, and doing all kinds of (annoying) things. Luckily, as Steve Jobs put it back in the day, there’s an app for that – actually, there are several apps.

One of the best-known sleep inducing mobile apps is Sleep Genius. Based on research done for NASA looking for ways to help astronauts sleep, Sleep Genius can help you fall asleep even if the conditions are not ideal thanks to its Relaxation Program. If sleeping through the flight is your goal, it will help you achieve just that.

Casual games

Casual games that can keep you occupied for hours? As you might expect, there’s “an” app for that, too. From simple games like 2048 and Infinity Loop to the complex game library of the Royal Vegas Casino, smartphone games can help you shorten even the longest flight. The Royal Vegas Mobile has a large collection of over 100 titles for its players, and you won’t even have to download an app: all Royal Vegas games run comfortably in a mobile web browser window. It has everything a gaming enthusiast might ask for: slot machines, card games, and other fun games for you to play.

eBook Readers

There are many ebook reader apps out there, which makes it hard to choose the best. Today, I’ll introduce you to a relatively new addition to the world of e-reader apps, one that’s powerful in its simplicity: the Prestigio eReader app. The Android-exclusive reader can handle most ebook and audiobook formats, it has text-to-speech capabilities for those who prefer printed books to be read to them aloud, a series of custom options to tweak its look and feel, and even cloud storage support, so you won’t ever have to be separated from your library.

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