Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Dating App

Try to guess who is well aware of your personal life? You spend a huge part of your life in different social networks, communicating with friends or business partners and sharing the news. Almost everyone hopes to find a soulmate there to justify their pastime. Very soon, many lucky men will be able to meet their Russian wives on Facebook. The team of this social network has launched an internal dating service, announced by Mark Zuckerberg at a conference for F8 developers in May 2018. The service works both for Android and iOS, but it is available only to users over 18. It is completely free, and there are no advertising or paid features. The main distinction from alike services is the fact that it has been designed specifically to create long-term relationships. So, if you are into a one-night stand, this is not for you. The service isn’t available to Facebook users with non-single status in the profile.

How Does It Work?

When you switch to Facebook Dating, you will be offered to create another profile for dating, in which only your name and age will be used from the main account. To create a profile, you must briefly describe your biography (education, place of work, having kids) and answer about 19 questions, including something like, “How do you imagine your perfect day?” or “What song does always make you sing?” You can upload up to 12 photos or import them from Facebook or Instagram.

You’re free to look for that special someone within a radius of 100 km around your location, which Facebook automatically determines. You cannot specify another search area. The social network will offer you the list of matches, considering the common interests and answers in the questionnaire. Facebook friends and blocked users will be excluded from this list. In addition, if a Facebook user hasn’t logged in to Facebook Dating, you will not be able to find them in the service.

What Is the Main Difference from Other Dating Services?

Unlike other popular applications like Tinder, where you need to get mutual approval to start a dialogue, when you use Facebook Dating, you can write to any person from the search results but not more than a hundred people a day. Your potential interlocutor can reply or ignore the message. Communication takes place through the built-in chat, in which you can only exchange text messages and emoji, but there is no possibility to attach a photo or video.

You will get the opportunity to hide your profile from the friends on Facebook. This is specified in the privacy settings. If you want to, you can provide access to your page in the dating program to folks who have common friends with you. However, people from Facebook Dating, whom you’ve added as friends, will be able to view your main Facebook profile.

What Is a Search Algorithm?

The application provides you with the opportunity to specify not only female and male gender during registration, but you can also choose new options like “trans-woman,” “trans-man,” and “non-binary gender.” This information is intended only for a search algorithm of your perfect match, and other users will not see it. Similar options are available when choosing a gender you prefer.

After the scandals with the use of personal data, Facebook is actively working on becoming more user-friendly. However, many things are still incomprehensible. And if you are in search of a soulmate and are looking forward to using Facebook Dating, it would definitely be better to find out what subjects it is better not to bring up on the first date. Internet users have compiled a list of words, which might spoil the acquaintance, and some of them are very unexpected.



Do Tablets Require Different Security Measures than PCs and Mobile?

There have been many major security liabilities with mobile devices recently. Naturally, the mobile industry is focused on improving security as much as possible – and so should be the public.

People take their mobile devices everywhere and use them all the time. This has made them put their guard down and think that they are completely safe even on public WiFi. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and the reason why security is such a hot topic is that users get too relaxed.

If you want to avoid repeating the same mistakes, go over the following proven ways to protect your tablet.

Tablets are most vulnerable to corrupted apps

According to Statista, the number of mobile app downloads across the world surpassed 200 billion in 2018. This means that the average tablet user will download quite a few apps throughout the year. That includes third-party app store downloads as well. The main problem is that most people don’t pay attention to where the apps are coming from.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are always downloading apps from a verified, official source. There are many clone apps that are actually used to steal your data and resources when started. Even some legitimate apps can get infected with malicious software as well.

Apps simply have to be updated regularly and used responsibly, or they can become infected without users even noticing. With enough time, hackers might acquire all your sensitive information. Apps on tablets are a great threat and need to be taken seriously.

In this regard, the safety measures are similar to those recommended to smartphone users.

Using unsecure Wi-Fi is a major concern

Tablets become a liability when connected to unsecure Wi-Fi connections. Cybercriminals might be snooping around them, looking to steal your data or break into your device. Even though Android tablets have built-in security features, they aren’t all that helpful.

This is why it’s necessary to take matters into your own hands if you want to keep your device safe. First of all, avoid sharing sensitive data on public Wi-Fi and never use it for work or to do something important, like logging in to your bank account.

Ideally, if you can, it would be best to avoid using public networks altogether. However, if you can’t, you can get a virtual private network solution, which can work on tablets, computers, and mobile devices. VPNs are very useful, as they encrypt your data and protect your privacy online. Even if you are on a public network, VPN will make it difficult for someone to see what you are doing.

So, the same safety habits apply to both tablets and smartphones when it comes to public WiFi.

Antivirus software is a must

Regardless of whether we’re talking about a PC, phone or tablet, good antivirus software is a must. As we mentioned earlier, the built-in features are usually very slim, especially with Android tablets, and you shouldn’t rely on them.

There are also fake antivirus tools that are actually malicious software designed to harm you. Remember that when looking for third-party software! Additionally, consider all the features and the price before making a choice.

There are free antivirus solutions available out there but, in most cases, they are unreliable. You can find trial offers from reliable vendors, and if you like, you can use them before you make your decision. It’s also a good way to see whether the software is any good without wasting money.

Choose a good secure password

Most people think that having a password is more than enough to keep their tablet safe, but there’s more to it. Anyone can grab a tablet off you or take a peek while you are in the bathroom. Your tablet requires much better password protection than a computer that stays in your house all day.

How can you create a complex password? Make sure it is not logical at all, has more than 12 characters, and contains different symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters. You should also use a two-factor authentication protocol to enhance security further.

Most tablets also have the option to set a pin code. This is how you can make it more difficult for someone to turn your device on and access its information. Also, make sure that you switch on the auto-lock feature and make it quick so that someone doesn’t take advantage of your negligence in public.

Simply put, when it comes to security, tablets have some of the strengths and weaknesses of both computers and smartphones. Tablet security measures are very similar to those on a PC or a smartphone. They just combine different features from both sides. In the end, make sure to learn how to use the web safely and avoid putting yourself in danger.


Benefits of Using EaseUS Data Recovery to Restore Permanently Deleted Files

Have you lost all your files permanently? Are you unable to find any tools that can help you restore the files that you have lost? Are you worried that because of the files you accidentally deleted you might have to lose your job? Well, you are not the only one because it is the issue with millions of other people. They accidentally delete some of the most important files and then they start looking for a tool that can help them with the recovery process. No doubt there are different types of tools available, this article is to introduce one of the most comprehensive data recovery software developed by EaseUS. Here are some interesting benefits you will get by using the software.

EaseUS Data Recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery

Easy to use

Most of the tools available online are hard to use and very confusing. However, with EaseUS data recovery software you will not have to deal with any confusions. It is a very simple and easy to use tools. It has been developed with user-friendly interface to assure that you can easily restore all the files you need. You only have to launch the software, scan and restore your files.

Fast and authentic

The biggest attraction of EaseUS is that it is the fastest software available. It will quickly scan all the files and help to restore them to assure that you will not have to waste your time. However, you have to assure that you keep the drive intact from which you are recovering the lost files. As well as do not install the software in the drive from where you want to recover the files.

Restore all types of permanently deleted files

One of the best things about EaseUS file recovery software is that it will allow you to restore all types of files that you’ve permanently deleted. It can be documents, videos, audios and even images. Regardless of the format of your deleted files, you can have all of them back into your computer with EaseUS.

Restore files from any drive you need

You might have been thinking that it is hard for computer hard drive recovery. Do not keep this misconception in your mind because EaseUS can help recover the files from all types of drives and devices that you have. It will give you the satisfaction that you can quickly recover data from any drive you want.

EaseUS Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Recovery Wizard


With all such amazing services and features the cost of EaseUS is affordable. There are different packages available and you can select the one that meets your budget and demands perfectly. There is a trial period as well that you can use to test the software and you can even make use of the data recovery software free for small file recovery.

Bottom line

EaseUS is a very interesting and reliable software that will allow you to quickly restore all the files that you have lost. Stop wasting your time and money in the tools that cannot provide you with the services you need. Get EaseUS hard drive recovery software and live a stress-free life.


DearMob: How to Selectively Sync & Backup iPhone Video/Movie on Windows PC

As a movie fanatic or a vlogger, you must have tons of digital movies and selfshot themed videos piled up in your iPhone/iPad, waiting for a rewatch, post-processing and sharing. People wow at your marvelous collections pocketing everywhere you go, but only you know the headache of iPhone video back up & transfer caused by iTunes.

Due to its complex interface and the vagaries of its syncing logic, iTunes has made selectively transfer and backup iPhone video a more tiresome process than it needs to be. Here is a list of what makes iPhone video syncing with iTunes an irritating thing:

  1. An iPhone can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time, which means if your iPhone is associated to another iTunes library, the later will overwrite or replace the movies, music, TV shows and other content on your iPhone.
  2. If you delete a movie from iTunes library, it will apply the change to EVERY device that synchronizes with this iTunes.
  3. It only supports iOS-friendly format and cannot auto compress 4K movie with no quality loss.
  4. Your movie purchases are still not yours. iTunes purchased movie/music videos are kept locked from exporting to non-iOS devices for playback and backup.
  5. iTunes backup encryption only applies to full backup files.

It’s hard not to swear when you are fiddling with iTunes and end up resorting to Google for every suspicious warning it throws at us, and that’s where DearMob iPhone Manager comes to rescue.

Thanks to its minimalist design, all the features of this iPhone Manager are laid out on the interface for you to understand at a glance.

With its intelligent two-way transferring solution, syncing movies from iPhone to PC and vice versa become easy tasks, since DearMob converts and compresses. You can import videos in ANY FORMAT without worrying about format/codec incompatibility or falling into storage panic caused by oversized movies. You can also export and backup as many movies from iPhone to PC as you like, even those DRM locked ones.

Bonus: DearMob is equipped with a built-in encryption utility to password-protect your sensitive files including videos. With these robust military grade encryption algorithms, you movies stay private and confidential against any possible disclosure.

Transfer and backup iPhone video are made safe and simple with DearMob iPhone Manager, and you can go visit their official page to get the early bird giveaway offer. It runs on windows and Mac.

How to Sync/ Transfer Movie from PC to iPhone without iTunes

Let’s see what happens when you want to import movie from PC to iPhone using iTunes:

  • Go to “Files”—“Add File to Library”—Choose movies and click “Open”—Go to device—movies—sync movies. What’s worse: you cannot select which movie to sync, but only compromise to sync all or 1, 3, 5, 10 most recent movies.

What happens using DearMob iPhone Manager:

  • Go to “Video”— Add Video (or drag & drop) —Click “Sync” and it’s done.


  • Click “convert” button should it appears on your video thumbnail to get apple compatible format.
  • UHD videos over 1GB will be compressed automatically by 40% to rationalize your iPhone iPad storage with no quality loss.
  • If you cannot find imported videos and movies the TV app library, go purchase or download a free trailer from iTunes store as a way to trigger “TV Shows” or “Home Videos” and “Downloaded” entries to be shown.
Transfer videos to iPhone
Transfer videos to iPhone

How to Export/Backup videos from iPhone/iPad to PC

DearMob offers you customized options to export and backup videos from iPhone to PC. It’s your choice to: 1. selectively transfer movies from iPhone to PC or get a copy on external hard drive; 2. export and backup iPhone movie with encryption to keep your sensitive files private; 3. give your iPhone a full backup to secure all the iOS data including movies and torrents stored in any apps.

How to Selectively Backup iPhone Video on Windows/Mac

Forget about iTunes if you want to export your DRM movies from iPhone to PC or if you are in need of selectively exporting your movie collections, there is no luck. But it’s not a “Mission Impossible” with DearMob. Follow these steps to nail it:

  1. Inside “Video” feature, browsing by switching entry at left column and select videos you prefer a copy.
  2. Click Export and you will have a copy on your local drive. (Click “decode” to unlock DRM movie should any prompt appears after exporting.)

Tip: If you are using a torrent client on iPhone, movies thus downloaded might be found in file shared app such as VLC. Go “Files” or “App” in DearMob iPhone Manager to export these movies

Backup iPhone Videos to PC
Backup iPhone Videos to PC

Backup iPhone Movie/video with Encryption: get the job done while exporting

Having X-rated movies accidentally clicked open by your child on a shared family PC must be one of the most awkward moments. This is totally avoidable if you choose to export movie with encryption. Follow these steps to shelter your movie and other sensitive files under the umbrella of DearMob’s military grade encryption algorithms:

  1. Choose the video you want to export and tick “Export with Encryption”.
  2. Set a password, then you will get a “*.DEARMOB” format file that no one can watch or crack open unless you decrypt the file with that password.

Tip: Click “Data security” on the main interface and go to Data decryption to add your “*.DEARMOB” file and decrypt it with the password.

Give Your iPhone a Full Backup and Restore It to another iPhone in a Hassle-free Manner

A full backup of your iPhone saves you from troublesome scenarios should your phone get lost, broken, or replaced by a new iPhone. If we keep a backup file, we keep all the movies, torrents and funny videos recorded on the device there intact, especially if you are a torrent lover and boast of tons of movies downloaded with torrent clients on iPhone while apps that store your treasures refuse to share file.

Steps? It’s truly a 1-click backup:

Go to “Backup” and click “Back UP Now”, you will be all set.


  • Tick “encrypt your backup” to set password, and use it when restoring.
  • Find backup files in “Restore backup files” tab
Backup iPhone Videos to PC
Backup iPhone Videos to PC

We hope you find solutions here to backup iPhone video to PC or to transfer video without iTunes. In case you need other file management utilities for iPhone such as transferring photo and music, making ringtones, backup iPhone messages, contacts and more, do try out DearMob iPhone Manager with all these features built-in. It supports from iOS 7 to the latest iOS 12.


VideoProc: Fastest Video Tool to Process 4K Videos from GoPro, DJI and iPhone

In today’s review, we’ll look at a new video processing program from Digiarty developers, specifically VideoProc. The name of VideoProc is not chosen randomly because it is two words linked together. Video means video and Proc refers to process, that is, processing. And that’s precisely about VideoProc. With this program, you can easily process and compress 4K videos that you’ve shot, for example, through GoPro, DJI or iPhone. VideoProc is particularly attractive for unrivaled speed with full hardware acceleration support for video processing and, of course, for ease of use. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the features of VideoProc.

As most of you know, the quality of video recorded by GoPro or DJI drones is really good, while the 4K UHD video really takes up a lot of storage space on your device. That’s why there are programs that take care of processing and compressing 4K videos. However, most of these programs do not work well with the 4K record. That’s exactly why VideoProc is optimized for working with 4K UHD records. In addition, you can modify the video before editing it.

VideoProc supports advanced GPU acceleration

If the information technology is a village for you and you do not know what GPU acceleration means, then read on. Imagine that you have some long 4K video you need to process. So upload it to VideoProc, modify, shorten, and edit it in different ways. Once you have all the work done in post-production, it comes to the so-called render – video processing. The processor is usually used for render – no, but the processor works to the maximum and the graphics card is in idle mode. What if the processor helped? And precisely this is the GPU acceleration – it helps the processor with video processing, so the render time will be significantly reduced. GPU acceleration is supported by all graphics card manufacturers. It does not matter whether you have AMD, Nvidia or integrated graphics from Intel – VideoProc can work with GPU acceleration for all graphics cards.

Compress videos from GoPro, DJI, iPhone

As mentioned above, 4K videos really take up a lot of space. VideoProc can greatly help you to take all these big files and convert them to another format. For 4K UHD videos, a modern HEVC format is available that is very effective. However, if you want to convert video to another format, of course you can – depend on your preferences. With VideoProc, you can also reduce the video in the following ways:

  1. shorten long videos by cutting and trimming to keep the preferred segment
  2. Split videos into several small parts
  3. crop a video to remove unwanted parts (for example, a finger in the shot)

Edit videos from your device

Even before you go into processing yourself, you can adjust video in VideoProc. The basic features you can use include joining multiple videos in one, rotating and tilting videos, and, of course, shortening the recording. Among these advanced features, the point that surprises me most is image stabilization, which can be useful for extreme sports, for example. Additionally, VideoProc offers automatic detection and removal of noise together with removal of the fish eye effect. So if you have a 4K record and want to easily edit it, without doubt, you can use VideoProc.

Other VideoProc features

Of course, VideoProc is primarily designed to handle 4K UHD videos, but it also has added value. Another great feature of VideoProc is DVD conversion and backup. As the name suggests, thanks to this tool, you can simply back up the DVD before it is destroyed on a hard drive. You can also move all these videos to another device. Downloader then uses downloads from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. VideoProc downloader of course supports 4K UHD video downloads and their conversion to various formats. The last feature of VideoProc is Recorder, which makes it easy to record the screen of your computer, iPhone or webcam. You can use this program, for example, to record games as it supports both video and webcam recording simultaneously.


While VideoProc is not a full-featured program that could replace Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Final Cut, etc. It’s not an editing program, it’s a program that takes care of saving space in your storage. If you combine VideoProc, for example, with Adobe Premiere or another editing program, you will be given an inseparable two. VideoProc takes care of video compression, which results in faster loading in editing programs, where you then make the required edits and the masterpiece is in the world.

New Release Special Offer

In addition, to celebrate the new release of VideoProc, the developer Digiarty Software is running a grand campaign to offer license key of VideoProc for free as well as host a sweepstake covering GoPro Hero 7 and its accessories.

How to enter:

Step 1: visit the page about “compress and resize GoPro 4K video

Step 2: Input your name and email, and click “count me in” and then you will receive a confirmation and a free license for VideoProc by email instantly.

The campaign ends on October 26, so act now and good luck!


How to Keep Your Email Secure?

Email communications supplanted snail mail years ago, and its use continues to grow at a rate of knots. Like any other online communication channel, there are security concerns to bear in mind when it comes to transmitting data via email. Webmail is now the go-to option for billions of people around the world, owing to its convenience, cost effectiveness, and instant communication. In the days of old, Hotmail was all the rage much like Gmail or Yahoo Mail is today. Hotmail was perceived as somewhat spammy and unprofessional, but webmail services have shed that image and are widely used and accepted today.

The widespread adoption of cloud technology in email messaging services has also diminished the stigma associated with free email accounts. There are significant risks when using email, particularly if cyber criminals are lurking. All it takes is a username and password on many email accounts to unlock a treasure trove of personal data. This includes all your personal and business communications, passwords to all your online accounts, and a virtual diary into your life. This presents serious challenges to online security consultants.

What Options Are Available for Protecting Your Email from Prying Eyes?

The Internet is a dynamic medium. It is continually evolving and transforming into a more secure alternate universe. To this end, there are several options available to protect your username/password combination for your email account. One of them is 2-factor authentication. Most of us already use 2-factor authentication with our bank accounts and our Gmail accounts.

Simply put, you may be required to validate your identity via your smartphone and your email account username/password. Once you enter the correct codes that are sent to you by Gmail, you will be able to access your email account. This is a great way to stay safe, especially if you have tablets, phablets, or smartphones and you are using your devices from different locations. Two Factor Authentication is an effective way to secure your email even if somebody manages to get your password.

Are Browsers Safe for Storing Email Passwords?

Despite the advances in online security, most people use their browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc. – to store all their passwords. This is a big no-no. If you use the automatic password protection with your browser, try and use a master password to protect all of those passwords as well. An even better protection mechanism to use is a password manager. A password manager is an encrypted program that automatically generates the most powerful passwords using a combination of alphanumeric symbols that nobody could possibly guess. A password manager is also protected by a master password – so be sure to keep it safe. The best place to keep a master password is in a personal diary, or in a locked closet on the wall.

What Other Protection Mechanisms Are There for Email?

One of the foremost authorities on Internet security is an aggregator platform known as Best Online Reviews. This site provides detailed reviews of security tools that you can employ to beef up your online security. Two options that are worthy of mention include VPNs and antivirus software. Whenever you are connected to the Internet, especially public Wi-Fi networks you want to be extra cautious. A VPN (virtual private network) is a powerful cloaking mechanism that hides your online activity from prying eyes. Your computer is connected through a server which does not reveal your identity to the sites you are browsing. In other words, all your traffic is being rerouted through another server and not through your IP address. The best VPN services do not maintain any logs, or share your browsing activity with the authorities, or marketing companies.

Antivirus software is sacrosanct when it comes to protecting your email transmissions. Antivirus software guards against phishing, pharming, malware, Trojans, viruses, hackers, and worms. VPNs and antivirus software are available for free, but these products are typically sorely lacking in security. It is best to pay for a high quality service and enjoy peace of mind. When you use a combination of password protection, VPN/proxy servers, and strong antivirus software, your email communications will always be ironclad.


Identity Theft: Protection & Recovery

Identity Theft takes place when a criminal steals your sensitive personal information including your SSN (Social Security Number), ID documents, name, and/or banking information to commit fraudulent activities. Typically, the thief uses your identity to open accounts in your name. The most common reasons for identity theft include obtaining credit cards in your name, running up medical expenses in your name, or filing taxes with the IRS. Regardless of the motivation for Identity Theft, it is a felony and a serious invasion of your privacy. Unfortunately, too many people find out too late that they have been the victim of identity theft.

Don’t Wait – Act!

If you don’t act in a timely fashion, you could find yourself with extensive debt, accounts opened in your name, and debt collectors coming after you for their money. All too often, criminals will bypass the security systems on your PC, tablet or phablet and obtain your personal information for use in health insurance benefits or Medicare. Given the exorbitant costs of these medical services, you could find yourself with a nasty surprise. As for identity theft with the IRS, criminals could use your SSN to file false tax returns in your name and either leave you with a big deficit or claim a refund from you. These are some of the many ways that criminal syndicates are running amok. One of the easiest ways for these thieves to access information is the World Wide Web.

Thieves Act with Impunity: Stop them in their Tracks

Identity theft is one of the biggest challenges in the world today. The good news is that there are many effective ways to guard against identity theft. Naturally, you want to always store your private information safely. If you have bank accounts and credit cards, review your bank statements regularly to ensure that every transaction was conducted by you. The minute you spot an unauthorized transaction, contact your bank to report it. The longer you leave things unreported or unchecked, the more difficult it is to disprove them. Another thing to watch out for is bills that are due. If you find that your bills are running late, or they simply don’t arrive, always get in touch with senders to ensure that there is regular billing cycle continuity. Security consultants always advise clients to request copies of free credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You are legally entitled to one free credit report every year from each of these agencies. Reconcile all elements of your credit report with your home mortgages, credit cards, store credit cards, personal loans, auto loans etc. If you notice an anomaly, report it ASAP.

Beef up Your Personal Antivirus Software

Recall that a great deal of identity theft takes place over the Internet. Often this occurs without our knowledge. In the absence of effective antivirus software, you may soon find yourself staring at a grim reality: criminals have hacked your email, bank account, or even commandeered your operating system. Effective antivirus software runs unobtrusively in the background. You don’t even know that it’s there while it’s doing its thing.

The best antivirus software is like an impenetrable wall for hackers. Luckily, most of us don’t need Fort Knox security to protect against the advances of nefarious actors on the Internet. There are several leading antivirus software programs that offer affordable solutions to the identity theft dilemma. These include TotalAV, Norton, Panda, BullGuard, ScanGuard, and PC Protect.

Many of us unwittingly believe that our Windows or Mac operating systems provide sufficient protection against cyber criminals. This is our first mistake. Freeware is sorely lacking in quality protection. It fails to provide for the watertight security that is needed against hackers. Antivirus software is only as good as the latest updates and patches that we are required to download and install. Failure to do so could leave you vulnerable to attack.

There are easy fixes to the update scenario by simply turning on automatic updates. If you’re looking to gather additional important information about how to safeguard your personal information, you can find more here. It is imperative that you stick with tried and trusted providers of antivirus software, and not fly-by-night operations promising guaranteed security against all threats. Security consultants recommend running the best antivirus programs in addition to a VPN or proxy server to obfuscate your traffic flow and protect your personal information.


Secret List of Netflix Codes to Unlock Hidden Films and TV Shows

One thing that collectively frustrates Netflix users all around the world is the fact that certain TV shows, films, and documentaries are only available in specific countries. For this, we have to license restrictions to blame. However, there are multiple ways to avoid Netflix’s geo-blocking efforts.

Although the internet streaming giant has started to wise up to some methods being used to bypass geo-blocking, there are some that still work (e.g. VPN’s) and it seems that this cat-and-mouse game is far from ending.

Apart from the blocking, Netflix has a ton of content that is available but “hidden” on the platform. Why? Well, Netflix’s library is absolutely huge, and it only shows you the most relevant content. But, what about when you’re in the mood for something very, very specific? What do you do then? Netflix’s native search feature isn’t the easiest or the best search tool out there. If you’ve ever searched for Leonardo DiCaprio and ended up being shown some obscure comedian, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

#1: What are Secret Codes?

There is a little hack known as Netflix “secret codes,” which can be used to access an entire library dedicated to specific content. Netflix’s library is categorized into micro-genres, which are hard to access through the site’s main interface. There’s a nice list of codes on NordVPN’s blog.

Netflix literally has tens of thousands of these precise sub-genres which go far beyond the generic genres such as Drama, Comedy, and Action. The number of options available is huge; there are well over 70,000 different micro-genres you can explore, and with Netflix’s human and machine intelligence getting smarter and smarter each day, these sub-genres keep on growing.

From micro-genres consisting of the likes of “Film Noir” and “Mind-Bending Fantasy,” you are sure to find something worth watching by exploring some of the many available options.

#2: Netflix Genre Codes

Each one of these sub-genres has its own code attached to it, and these can be used to access all the content that falls under it. These are just a few that you can use, and when you start getting used to them, you’ll never go back to Netflix’s main interface or the sub-par search function ever again.

  • Asian Action Movies: 777232
  • Comic Book & Superhero Movies: 10118
  • Education for Kids: 10659
  • Classic War Movies:  48744
  • Dark Comedies: 869
  • Foreign Movies: 7462

Of course, we’re not going to sit here and type out every single code available! You can access some of them for yourself here, and it is well worth doing some research yourself as there are plenty of websites on the internet that list some of these keys. Unfortunately, we are unaware of any single site that provides all 70,000+ codes.

#3: Using Netflix Codes

These Netflix codes can only be used on a browser, so, unfortunately, that rules out devices such as iPads and games consoles. This is because you have to modify the Netflix URL in-order to use these secret codes.

  1. Open Netflix and log in through your favorite browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox for the best performance.
  2. Navigate to one of the categories. It does not matter which one, what matters is that the URL in the address bar changes to something like
  3. The xxxx represents the Netflix code which corresponds to the category you are currently viewing. It can be up to six digits long.
  4. Simply replace this four-to-six-digit number at the end of the Netflix URL to the secret code you have chosen and hit enter.
  5. That’s it; you will now be viewing all the content which falls under the category of the secret code you have chosen.

Netflix is a huge internet streaming service, which serves a global audience. Because of this, its library is monstrous and contains thousands of movies, documentaries, TV shows and other pieces of content that fall under several different categories, genres, and sub-genres. These are represented by numerical “secret codes,” which can be used to narrow down your search and access very specific content through your web browser. With over 70,000 available, you are sure to find something worth watching.


How To Easily Pass Microsoft 70-413 Exam

Microsoft 70-413 exam covers such topics as design, maintenance, and implementation of Windows Server infrastructure. It credits the candidates with MCSE certification through a certification exam that tests the knowledge on Server infrastructure concepts. It is necessary for a candidate to get informed that this is the first part of a series of the exam that facilitates the candidate with Microsoft certification. After passing 70-413 exam, one has to also pass Microsoft 70-414 exam to successfully qualify for MCSE. In case one has already earned the MCSA certification, he/she is only needed to pass one of this united exam to claim a certification.

70-413 Exam Overview

The setting of Microsoft 70-413 typically triggers the candidates’ ability to manage a Windows server. Microsoft exams are globally considered to be the most enhancing when it comes to the IT world. Exam 70-413 is also set according to the highly recognized Microsoft trend by ensuring that the knowledge tested is equally proportional to the knowledge applied in the field of computing. The curriculum content is scattered in a certain percentage based on the weight of the topics in the real world scenarios. The high percentage represents the high probability of having many questions on a specific topic as realized in the past exams. The bulleted points are the main topics under study.

  • Planning and deployment of Server Infrastructure (20-25%)
  • Design and implementation of network infrastructure (20-25%)
  • Network access design and management (15-20%)
  • Active logical directory services and infrastructure (20-25%)
  • Active physical directory services and infrastructure (20-25%)

What is Required

The candidate must have gone through the training course before attempting this exam. The introduction through to the conclusion of the course is always the core requirement before one decides to do this exam. It is the exam content that the candidate should learn.

Although the individuals who have gained the MCSA certificate are eligible to do this exam and receive a certification, it is a requirement to provide the MCSA certificate. It will enable the institution to award one MCSE certificate without doing the second and final exam of MCSE.

Who are targeted

The 70-413 exam focuses on IT professionals in a virtualized environment or enterprise firm that utilizes the Windows Server. These professionals should have the desire to advance their knowledge deployment and general administration Microsoft Server.

How is Microsoft 70-413 Exam different

Firstly, the MCSE certification is recognized globally, this implies that the professionals will not be limited to a specific place of work. It shows one’s competence in the world of IT because most employers recommend the MCSE certification as a tool to successful system maintenance.

Secondly, the certified Microsoft professionals have access to a lot of information than any ordinary system engineer. The information might be about the latest updates on the server that might affect the running of the organization’s system.

The members of Microsoft team have a privilege of attending various conferences organized by Microsoft. These conferences are mostly concerned with the change in the IT industry. Therefore, one can take part in making enormous changes and updates.

Finally, the MCSE professionals have a 99% job placement in the industry with a very handsome monthly salary. This is a proof that the certification is unique and important for IT professionals looking for financial stability.

Tips for Conquering the Shielded 70-413 Exam

Microsoft exam is in high demand because of its popularity. In some situations, a candidate can redo three times to penetrate this thick shielding. It requires efficient training and revision because the certification should truly prove that the certified individual has the ability to administer Windows Server. The tips below have been proven beyond any doubt that it can increase the candidate’s probability of passing the exam.

  • Relax your mind

The exam involves critical thinking and abstract representation of entities involved in the question since it is a practical-oriented exam. You should never strain yourself a day before the exam date because you might not have the energy to reason as expected.

  • Take notes

The questions are long and complex. It needs you to take notes that can make you understand the concepts that the examiner expected. The days when the questions were straightforward has begun a long gone history.

  • Take time

Sometimes the questions seem to be so easy but as an excellent candidate, you need read twice and think wise. Do not rush to giving answers that you have not weighed if it is fit for that particular question.

  • Review the answers

Why review the answers? The answers might have grammatical mistakes or there might be some content you omitted unknowingly. The marks that will be deducted because of the candidates’ carelessness always limit one’s chances of passing the exam.

Important Piece of Advice

The quantified training seems to have fully prepared one to pass the exam with glittering grades. The training is never meant to prepare one for an exam but rather meant to make one aware of the exam content. I did this exam some months ago and realized that all my friends who relied on training materials alone failed! It is the duty of a hardworking candidate to find different exam resources and guidelines that give the actual picture of 70-413 exam. This exam might take you through a continuous series of frustrating questions.

Ultimate Training Materials

It is appropriate to get familiar with the complex terminologies that are used during exam period by going through the training courses. These training resources are offered by different facilitators but they only differ in the way of approaching concepts. Some resources recommended by experts are:

Practice Test Questions For 70-413 Exam

The other alternative of preparing for the exam is having the exam questions with you. The importance of revision exams is that it makes you aware of how the concepts are tested. They are however beneficial.


In the recent past, enormous impacts from Microsoft have been realized in the field of technology. Microsoft has the real vision of where the technology is destined. The exam and the training always focus on the current trends and diversification of the existing technological inventions.