Mac & Android: The best VPN service to protect your privacy

Best VPNs for Mac

No matter what device you are using if you have an access to the internet you require protection from malware or hackers. The best solution is finding reliable VPN service to protect your identity, IP address, online activity and provide you with access to blocked apps and websites or simply enjoy streaming sites.

Public WiFi Security
Public WiFi Security

There is great amount of decent providers on the market and if you can’t make a choice better read reviews here regarding best VPN services and now we will provide you with list of services available for Mac.

  1. NordVPN service ensures us that it doesn’t save logs of its users’ activity, therefore, no one will know what sites you have visited. Provider offers double data encryption, amazing speed, safe WiFi, unrestricted Internet and great customer support.
  2. Buffered VPN ensures complete anonymity online even if using public WiFi, your personal data, passwords are protected from the third parties. Unlimited speed and bandwidth, ability to bypass online censorship, hide actual location and many other features available for Buffered VPN clients.
  3. CyberGhost ensures safe way to browse the net and remain anonymity. Data encryption is used to protect your personal information from hackers and you are safe even if using free WiFi hotspots. Service operates perfectly with tablets, cells and other devices. Compatible with more than 20 devices CyberGhostcan protect up to 5 gadgets simultaneously.
  4. ZenMate offers great solutions to stay safe while browsing the web. This service provides personal security while using public hotspots and ensures unrestricted access to steaming videos or other restricted content. Your internet privacy is guaranteed with ZenMate VPN service.
Secure VPN
Secure VPN

VPN solutions for Android

No matter what device you are using as they still require protection and here are best VPN’s offers for Android:

  1. ExpressVPN saves no users’ logs, has servers located in 78 countries, allows 3 simultaneous connections, encrypts your traffic as well as hides your true IP address and allows browsing the web without censorship.
  2. IPVanish has servers in 61 countries, allows surfing the net without leaving any traces, keeps your data safe, ensures access to censored sites and apps.
  3. SaferVPNprovides users with unrestricted access to any website even geo-restricted ones, ensures fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, protects personal sensible data while using public unsecured WiFi hotspots.
  4. Private Internet Access saves no logs, offers great encryption of your internet activity, allows 5 simultaneous connections, great speed, and many other attractive features.

Each one of these services provides highest security level leaving users with the complete freedom to surf the net safely.

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